Ebrahim Raisi Visits Palestine and Sri Lanka, Issues Warning to Israel

"Our enemies did not want Iran to develop and progress ... so the will and determination of the Iranian people were realized, and our enemies were disappointed," Raisi said.

by Sead Dedovic
Ebrahim Raisi Visits Palestine and Sri Lanka, Issues Warning to Israel
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Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi, despite recent events, has embarked on a diplomatic tour in Asia, with the intention of strengthening good relations with countries in Asia, primarily with Pakistan, and also Sri Lanka. Raisi does not seem particularly concerned about the recent attacks by Israel, which were milder than expected. Many hope that the latest Israeli attack may mark the end of the conflict between these two countries. However, Raisi's statements do not evoke optimism. Namely, Raisi emphasized that Israel's attack could result in the complete disappearance of the Zionist regime.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's President, addressing Sri Lanka's President Ranil Wickremesinghe and other top officials, pointed out that Western countries have been attempting to persuade others that knowledge and technology are exclusive to them. 

Ranil Wickremesinghe
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Raisi plans to open a hydroelectric project worth $500 million. He intends to expand excellent relations with all Asian countries as well as neighboring countries. He emphasized that Sri Lanka is independent and sovereign, and that such a partnership promises amazing relations in the future. Raisi hopes that the future will bring positive outcomes for both sides.

Raisi also referred to his visit to Pakistan, stressing that no one can destroy the ideal relations between these two countries, alluding that historically these two nations have always been in excellent relations. Raisi took the opportunity to visit Pakistan's landmarks and to get a better understanding of their history.

Pakistani officials also talked about the historically great relations between these two countries. Their intentions are also to maintain friendship with the Iranians, whom they consider great friends.

Raisi addressed the "enemies" of this country who have been trying for years to destroy Iran and prevent them from achieving their goals. The Iranian President has no intention of dwelling on such matters and is ready to lead the country in the right direction. Raisi is someone who expects Iran to progress day by day and become a country that everyone will respect, which Iranian leaders believe is the case today. He emphasized that their enemies are disappointed with what they are seeing, as Iranians are thinking about the future, as well as new projects that will be discussed.

"Our enemies did not want Iran to develop and progress ... so the will and determination of the Iranian people were realized, and our enemies were disappointed," Raisi said.

Raisi will continue his tour of South Asia in the coming days, with a series of meetings planned with numerous officials. The Iranian leader has realized, after all that has happened with Israel, the importance of having strong partners and allies who will be crucial support in the future. Raisi is aware that it is difficult to assess whether such conflict could escalate again in the future, and he intends to foster friendships.

Raisi on Palestine and the US

Raisi expressed that the people of Iran and Pakistan stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian nation. He emphasized that Iran will persist in supporting the resistance and the oppressed people of Palestine. Raisi also pointed out that, in his view, the most significant violators of human rights today are Americans and Westerners, who support the Zionist regime's actions. 

From the first day, the Iranian leader has stressed that Americans and other Western countries must be more prepared to assist Palestine in these difficult times. Despite promises coming in every day, the Iranian President is not satisfied as there are no concrete actions. The situation in Palestine is deteriorating day by day, with a huge humanitarian crisis currently prevailing.

He emphasized that the liberation of Quds (Jerusalem) is the primary concern of humankind and stated that the people's resistance in Gaza will eventually lead to the liberation of the Holy Quds and Palestine. 

Raisi warned Israel and their regime, warning them that if they continue to make mistakes, the situation will be different. It is difficult to assess what Raisi meant by this, but it is clear what these messages convey.

The situation regarding the relationship between Israel and Iran seems calm for now, as there are no concrete statements indicating a continuation of the conflict from either side. This is the best outcome at the moment. Israelis and Iranians must try to improve relations, although there are slim chances that this will ever happen, at least not in the near future.

The situation in the Middle East has been complex and difficult for years. Historically, this part of the planet has faced significant issues concerning the relations between neighboring countries. Conflicts have been recurring for years, with diminishing hopes of ever achieving peace there. Nevertheless, let's hope that true leaders will emerge who will change the situation in these countries and improve relations with neighboring nations.