Israel intensifies airstrikes on Rafah, preparing for offensive

Since October of last year when Hamas carried out an attack on Israel, chaos has been escalating day by day

by Sead Dedovic
Israel intensifies airstrikes on Rafah, preparing for offensive
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Israel has intensified its attacks on Rafah, with the intention of achieving its final goal. Although Israel has received warnings from high officials around the world, including US President Joe Biden, Israelis have no intention of backing down at this moment. It seems, on the contrary, that they are even more motivated to achieve their goals after all that has happened. 

Palestinians immediately reported five air strikes, resulting in the deaths of at least six people. The people in Rafah are in huge panic, aware that this situation is not heading in a good direction. The Palestinian ambassador to the UN is fearful of the events in Rafah, realizing that this could be the Iranian army's final step to achieve victory. 

The situation seems hopeless for the people of Palestine, who have nowhere else to flee. Ibrahim Khraishi, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, emphasizes that the Palestinian people have nowhere to escape, and going north is not an option.

Since October of last year when Hamas carried out an attack on Israel, chaos has been escalating day by day. Israelis had a ready response, and according to many, they even crossed the line in their retaliation. According to Palestinian reports, over 30,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed since then, mostly children and women. 

Warnings for Israelis come day by day, but such warnings hold no weight, as Israelis continue to stand firmly behind their positions and have no intention of backing down. They are deaf to warnings, aware that no consequences have yet ensued.

In addition to the large number of casualties, a huge problem is also the hunger prevailing in Palestine. Namely, there are increasing numbers of patients coming with such issues. A large number of Palestinians are displaced and living in conditions that are not conducive to human living. Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied territories, has emphasized that the situation is traumatic. She has had the opportunity to witness various scenes, primarily patients with war injuries as well as chronic diseases and severe malnutrition.

The White House has released a joint letter signed by the leaders of 18 countries calling for the release of captives held by Hamas. The letter calls for the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Additionally, it emphasizes that resolving this issue could lead to a deepened ceasefire in Gaza, which will certainly be beneficial for Palestine in every sense. The intention of the White House is to calm a situation that does not inspire optimism.

“We call for the immediate release of all hostages held by Hamas in Gaza now for over 200 days. They include our own citizens. The fate of the hostages and the civilian population in Gaza, who are protected under international law, is of international concern. We emphasize that the deal on the table to release the hostages would bring an immediate and prolonged ceasefire in Gaza, that would facilitate a surge of additional necessary humanitarian assistance to be delivered throughout Gaza, and lead to the credible end of hostilities. Gazans would be able to return to their homes and their lands with preparations beforehand to ensure shelter and humanitarian provisions.”

White House
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What is important is the intentions of the US and other countries to finally bring peace to Palestine. However, even more important is that it doesn't stop there. Having the intention and taking action are two completely different things. Judging by the reactions of people around the world, Israel feels no consequences for its atrocities, as the situation worsens day by day. 

The letter also emphasizes calling on Hamas to release the hostages, which would certainly lead to the end of the crisis. This would be the first step towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

The Israelis do not intend to stop their offensive and they intend to free the remaining hostages.

The White House is seeking answers from the Israelis after the discovery of a mass grave

The White House has shown that it will not turn a blind eye to the crimes of the Israelis, as in their statement a few days ago, they demanded answers from the Israeli authorities regarding the mass grave located within the hospital compound seized by the IDF. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, emphasized that he wants answers and demands that this be investigated. 

The US is putting pressure on the Israeli authorities, who will have to provide a proper response regarding the mass grave. Nearly 300 bodies are found in this mass grave. What is also horrifying is that bodies with bound hands and feet have been found, and most of the bodies are decomposed.

The next few days could provide answers to this.