Britain Estimates Russia's Losses at 450,000 Since Ukraine Aggression Started

"We estimate that approximately 450,000 Russian military personnel have been killed or wounded."

by Sead Dedovic
Britain Estimates Russia's Losses at 450,000 Since Ukraine Aggression Started
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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the focus has been on the number of casualties on both sides. Although the situation may not seem as chaotic, the information provided by the British confirms otherwise. Leo Docherty, Minister of State for the Armed Forces of the UK, revealed shocking data during a media interview. Docherty emphasized that around 450,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded since the conflict with Ukraine began.

"We estimate that approximately 450,000 Russian military personnel have been killed or wounded, and tens of thousands have already deserted since the beginning of the conflict," Docherty said.

When it comes to the armament of the Russian army, which includes tanks, aircraft, helicopters, and other equipment, the data is also staggering. The Russians have faced massive losses.

"We also estimate that more than 10,000 Russian armored vehicles, including nearly 3,000 main battle tanks, 109 aircraft, 136 helicopters, 346 drones, 23 naval ships of all classes, and more than 1,500 artillery pieces have been destroyed, abandoned, or captured by Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict of all kinds," said the minister.

These estimates of Russian personnel losses closely align with Ukraine's official assessments, but the figures for most types of equipment vary significantly. 

Ukrainian authorities handle similar information, emphasizing that Russians have been suffering significant losses since the beginning of the war. While some believe that Ukrainians endure greater casualties and that Russians are progressing day by day, the situation doesn't seem to be so. The Russian army has faced immense problems from the start. It appears that Russians expected a considerably easier task.

The UK's intelligence service has recorded an increase in the number of killings committed by the Russian military. Russian soldiers have committed a large number of crimes since the beginning of the war, which will only be talked about in the future.

Earlier, British intelligence agencies analyzed Russian plans to recruit 400,000 people into the Russian armed forces under the 2024 contract.

During the "Ukraine. Year 2024" forum in Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy revealed that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in action over the past two years since Russia initiated its invasion. 

Ukrainian leaders and other prominent figures in Ukraine hope that the number of casualties will not increase in the future. It's difficult to predict what the future holds and how the situation on the front lines will unfold. The intentions of the Ukrainian president and his associates are to defend themselves and achieve victory. The deaths of civilians weigh particularly heavily on them.

The situation on the front line is also changing day by day, just as it has been since the beginning of the war. It seems that the Russians now have the advantage.

Zelenskyy cannot be pleased with the current situation on the front, considering that Russians are making progress day by day, especially since Ukraine faces significant challenges regarding armaments. However, after the aid expected from the US arrives, it is anticipated that Ukrainians can change the situation on the front. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed on Sunday that their army had taken control of a village in eastern Ukraine. They do not intend to stop there. Progress day by day is the primary motive of the Russian army.

"As a result of active operations, the 'Centar' unit has liberated the village of Novobakhmutivka in the Donetsk People's Republic," announced the Russian Ministry of Defense in its daily front report.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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The chief of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, stated this month that the situation on the battlefield is expected to deteriorate for Ukraine from mid-May to early June.

Ukrainians hope for victory despite recent defeats

The current priority of the Ukrainian military is to hold out and wait for the assistance expected to arrive soon. During this time, Ukrainians must demonstrate courage and confront their adversary. Although it will be a challenging task, Ukrainians have shown their bravery since the beginning of the war, emphasizing that defending their country is essential.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hopes that the situation will change in the coming months, with the expectation that Ukrainians can reclaim the territories they have lost. Despite recent defeats on the frontlines, optimism can be felt among Ukrainians. 

Optimism primarily stems from the assistance that could arrive in the coming months. Friends of Ukraine, such as the US and other countries, have shown readiness to help once again, aware that Russians will not sit idly and watch the situation unfold.

Ukrainian generals have acknowledged that the current situation is not particularly satisfactory due to Russian advances, noting that the Russians have achieved tactical successes in key territories. However, Ukrainians refuse to be discouraged, ready to stand firm in defense of their country until the very end.

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