Russia Issues Warning to UK, Ambassador Called In

Foreign Minister David Cameron provoked anger with statements emphasizing that Ukrainians have the right to use British weapons to attack Russia

by Sead Dedovic
Russia Issues Warning to UK, Ambassador Called In
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The situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly tense, and the fact is that things could worsen not only in Ukraine but also in Europe and the world. The Russian leadership is not pleased with the behavior of Ukraine's allies, warning them that a response could follow. 

In fact, Russians warned Britain yesterday that if Ukraine uses British weapons to attack Russian territory, Moscow could retaliate by targeting British military targets within Ukraine and beyond this country. 

Foreign Minister David Cameron provoked anger with statements emphasizing that Ukrainians have the right to use British weapons to attack Russia. Russia's reaction was not long in coming. 

British Ambassador to Moscow, Nigel Casey, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the issues that arose. 

Russians are not pleased with British statements, considering them unacceptable at this time. The Ministry immediately sent an express response, warning the British about such statements.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Casey was warned that in response to Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory using British weapons, all British military facilities and equipment in Ukraine and abroad could be targeted," stated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as translated by Klix.

The Russians have been emphasizing for a long time that they will not tolerate such statements from the leaders of major countries, aware that their country could be in danger. The Russian military and political leadership believe it's time to take a stand and openly confront individuals making such statements. The consequences that could arise, Russians believe, could be catastrophic.

"The Ambassador was summoned to consider the inevitable catastrophic consequences of such hostile steps by London and immediately, in the most decisive and unequivocal manner, refute the warmongering provocative statements of Cameron," stated the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cameron isn't exactly a popular figure in Russia after such statements. His remarks haven't produced positive reactions from Russians, who deem such words unacceptable. Cameron stated that Ukrainians have the freedom to use such weapons, but that Kiev can make the final decision. Ukrainians haven't had a specific reaction yet and are still considering what steps to take in the coming period.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to refute the claims made by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specifically, the British emphasize that Casey was not summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs but rather met with officials at a diplomatic meeting.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Vladimir Putin

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not have a specific reaction to all of this, but they did have a reaction in another direction. That Vladimir Putin is one of the most hated figures in Ukraine is an understatement. The man who initiated an offensive on Ukraine and created chaos of large proportions is likely, and will probably continue to be, the most despised person in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that they will not recognize Vladimir Putin as the democratically elected president of Russia. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, believes that Vladimir Putin did not come to victory in the presidential elections democratically and that he manipulated during the presidential elections. 

This opinion is shared by all Ukrainians. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

The fact that Ukrainian citizens in the occupied parts of Ukraine by Russia were forced to vote is a source of frustration among Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized disappointment with the actions of the Russian Federation, whose leadership fails to recognize responsibility and unlawful actions regarding the aggression against Ukraine. The war, which has been ongoing for over two years, seems likely to continue for a long time, as few see a glimmer of hope. The Russian side firmly stands behind its positions and goals, just like the Ukrainians.

Ukrainians also hope that foreign states and their allies will follow the same course, that is, not recognize these elections as legitimate. There are few who currently believe in the legitimacy of the elections, especially considering how long Vladimir Putin has been at the helm of this state.

"We call on foreign states, international organizations, and the public to follow this example and not recognize the results of these pseudo-elections or the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as the legitimate president."

Since the beginning of the war, Russians have acquired many 'enemies'. The sanctions that followed from the moment Russians decided to attack Ukraine have not caused the desired consequences at this point. However, sanctions still continue, and new packages of sanctions are being introduced day by day. The goal is to weaken Russia in every possible way. 

The question is what the future holds regarding this war.