Maria Zakharova: French troops in the conflict zone may become Russian targets

"We have to disappoint him — for us the situation looks more than certain."- Zakharova said.

by Sead Dedovic
Maria Zakharova: French troops in the conflict zone may become Russian targets
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French President Emmanuel Macron has been on Ukraine's side since the first day of the war, aware of the danger posed by Russia. The ongoing war in Ukraine is a cause for concern for all of Europe and the world, especially as Russians have been achieving victories on various fronts in recent months. 

Macron commented on the war in Ukraine in a media interview, and reporters were particularly interested in whether Macron still stands firm behind his statements, especially regarding the deployment of Western troops to Ukraine. Macron emphasized that when you have an enemy who is ready for anything, you cannot rule out any options.

"I'm not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out," said Macron, as quoted by

Macron is concerned about the future, given that Russia is a major military power with intentions to advance in the coming months. Besides the fear that Russians might achieve victory in Ukraine, there's also tremendous apprehension about Russia's next steps in the future. The option that French leaders, as well as other major statesmen, fear the most is a new world war. Macron is prepared to take all measures to prevent Russians from achieving their intentions.

"If Russia decided to go further, we will in any case all have to ask ourselves this question of sending troops. Refusal to rule out such a move is a strategic wake-up call for my counterparts."- he continued.

Macron Outlines Conditions for Possible French Military Intervention in Ukraine
Macron Outlines Conditions for Possible French Military Intervention in Ukraine© Getty Images/Alexey Furman

The French leader does not want to see a scenario in which the Russians achieve victory in Ukraine.

"I have a clear strategic objective: Russia cannot win in Ukraine," Macron said.

"If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe."

Macron expressed concerns about the situation by asking, "Who can pretend that Russia will stop there? What security will there be for the other neighboring countries, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, and the others?"

Maria Zakharova reacts to Macron's threats

The Russians did not ignore the statements of the French leader, and shortly after his remarks, there was a reaction from important political figures in this country. Primarily, the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, decided to respond. She believes that Macron's statements are aimed at causing disruption among Russians and creating an even greater conflict. Statements coming from the Russian leader worry Zakharova, who is frustrated with Macron's behavior.

"It is characteristic that Macron himself explains this rhetoric with the desire to create some kind of 'strategic uncertainty' for Russia," Zakharova said.

Zakharova emphasizes that Russians are doing great on the front. This country is ready to send a response if the French get involved in this conflict by sending troops. Zakharova sends a warning to the French, considering that such statements are inappropriate, and Russians will not silently observe threats.

"We have to disappoint him — for us the situation looks more than certain. If the French appear in the conflict zone, they will inevitably become targets for the Russian armed forces. It seems to me that Paris already has proof of this."- she continued.

Macron seems to lack much support from other countries, which have denied the idea of sending troops to Russia. However, there are also those who are on the side of the French leader, believing that if there is a need, it will be necessary to send Western troops to Russia. Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas made an interesting statement, emphasizing that they will not send troops, but if they do, it will be for training missions.

Macron wants to see peace; The world supports him

The situation is far from optimistic, judging by Macron's statements. However, many around the world support Macron, believing that his remarks align with what the Russians are doing. Looking at their progress on the front and the ambitions of Vladimir Putin, some are concerned about the future of Ukraine and the world. 

Political and military analysts cannot provide a definitive answer about what the Russians intend to do if they achieve their goal in Ukraine, but it seems that the entire Europe could feel the consequences. Macron does not want such a scenario in the future because conflicts could escalate year after year in Europe, leading to great chaos. The French president has emphasized multiple times that he is a person who fights for peace and democracy, which is certainly not the situation in Ukraine.

We will closely monitor the situation, hoping to see peace between Russia and Ukraine in the future. The leaders of these countries still firmly stand behind their policies, intending to achieve victory. Vladimir Putin will not give up on his goals, that's for sure.