Garry Kasparov Reacts to Inclusion on Russia's List of "Terrorists and Extremists"

"I consider the Russian regime to be illegal and criminal."- Kasparov said.

by Sead Dedovic
Garry Kasparov Reacts to Inclusion on Russia's List of "Terrorists and Extremists"
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Garry Kasparov, a well-known figure to all, especially to those who love chess, is an interesting persona in the world. Since the beginning of the war, Kasparov has clearly taken a stance, considering what Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing unacceptable. 

Kasparov is one of the few Russians who has spoken out against the system, seeing Putin as an enemy of the free world and Russia. Although the Russian leadership considers him a traitor and a terrorist, such epithets do not bother Kasparov. On the contrary, it motivates him to continue speaking out against the system.

In an interview with the Polish Onet, Kasparov clearly shared his views, confirming what he stood for since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

"I do not recognize the decision of the regime. I consider the Russian regime to be illegal and criminal. To be called a terrorist? For me, it's an honor, and according to Putin's law, I must be a terrorist because I want a free Russia. Putin is the enemy not only of Ukraine but also of the free world and Russia itself. Like any dictator, he fights against freedom fighters. My name appearing on this list is recognition that I am doing something very important," said Kasparov, as translated by Klix.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Given his concerns for personal safety, Kasparov pointed out that he resides without security measures in New York and has curbed his travel frequency. He identified a select few countries where he feels secure, including Poland and Romania, where he trusts the government's efforts to ensure safety for individuals like himself. Beyond Europe, he expressed confidence in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and potentially South Korea. However, he mentioned reservations about visiting certain European countries like Hungary.

Hungary is one of the few European countries that has sided with Russia, considering Ukraine's behavior unacceptable. Such a stance from Hungary has sparked various reactions worldwide, mostly negative ones. It seems that with such positions, Hungary has garnered many enemies for itself.

Kasparov is someone who expects support for Ukraine to increase in the coming months, believing it to be the only way Ukraine can defend itself. This chess grandmaster is not pleased with the behavior of certain countries, expecting many countries around the world to react like Poland and help Ukraine in its most difficult times. 

Kasparov hopes that the end of the war will bring positive outcomes for Ukraine, expecting it to regain lost territories. Kasparov is not satisfied with the current sanctions, believing they have not generated the desired results. He expects more concrete reactions from important political figures worldwide. This is the only guarantee that Russians will suffer defeat on the battlefield and realize that they cannot fight against the whole world.

"The problem is that Poland is not the biggest power in NATO. We should look to Washington, Berlin, and Paris. There is increasing uncertainty there. The end of the war must involve the complete restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty in all territories, including Crimea, reparations, and bringing war criminals to justice. As long as Europe and America accept half-measures, Poland and its neighbors will have to fear for their security," said Kasparov.

Kasparov previously warned about the danger of Vladimir Putin

Even before the war in Ukraine, Kasparov was someone who did not support Vladimir Putin and his regime, considering him a dictator. In his book published 10 years before the start of the war in Ukraine, Kasparov emphasized that war is 'always terrible'. Kasparov believes that the intentions of the Russian leader are to create a Great Russia. He expects individuals to react because dictators like Putin will not relent until there is a proper response.

“War is always terrible, but Putin’s shift towards ethnic-based imperialism is alarming. Those downplaying the global impact of the war in Ukraine are missing Putin’s clear warning. His ambition for a ‘Great Russia’ won’t stop in eastern Ukraine. Dictators only stop when forced, and giving in to Putin in Ukraine will likely fuel his appetite for further conquests.”- Kasparov said.

After the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, Kasparov sent a clear message via social media, expressing disappointment in Vladimir Putin's actions.

Kasparov pointed out that Putin's attempts to quickly and discreetly assassinate Navalny with poison failed, leading to Navalny's slow and public death in prison. Navalny was targeted for his efforts to expose Putin and his associates as the corrupt individuals they are. Kasparov expressed sympathy for Navalny's wife and children during this difficult time.

It seems that Kasparov has long since noticed what the intentions of the Russian leader are, and he has accurately assessed his personality and character. Besides being a chess grandmaster, Kasparov is also an excellent psychologist.