US Officials Oppose Attack on Rafah: Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Major Speech

Blinken is someone who opposes the Israeli military presence in Gaza altogether

by Sead Dedovic
US Officials Oppose Attack on Rafah: Benjamin Netanyahu Delivers Major Speech
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The whole world is dissatisfied with the actions of the Israelis, who, judging by everything, are preparing a major offensive on Rafah. Important political figures in the USA are disappointed with the actions of Israeli leaders, considering them unacceptable. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken once again emphasized opposition to a military ground operation in Rafah. He had the opportunity to talk to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

As previously stated by Joe Biden, the US president, Blinken is now doing the same: Civilian safety must be a priority! 

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan highlighted that Joe Biden shares the same philosophy, believing that Israel must not launch such an offensive. 

Sullivan, in an conversation with Hanegbi, discussed some alternative options besides the offensive, and while Israelis understand the concern, they continue to reiterate the same. The IDF announced yesterday the opening of a new humanitarian aid crossing, which will greatly ease the lives of those in the Gaza Strip. The IDF, in coordination with the USA, opened the crossing in the northern part.

Antony Blinken later explained his views, considering that the Israelis' actions have contributed to the loss of civilian lives, which is increasing day by day. 

Blinken is someone who opposes the Israeli military presence in Gaza altogether, hoping they will leave this territory. On the other hand, he does not want to make hasty challenges, believing it is important to see what moves Israel will make regarding civilian safety. 

United States secretary of state is frustrated with Israel for various reasons, considering it unacceptable that this country has not collaborated with other nations regarding plans for security and governance in Gaza. 

Blinken is aware that Israelis intend to eradicate Hamas but also acknowledges the potential consequences for civilian casualties. What shocked many is that Blinken believes Israel's use of American weapons in Palestine has violated international humanitarian law.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech during Remembrance Day that sparked a lot of reactions. Netanyahu, one of the key figures since the beginning of the conflict in the Middle East, attracts attention day by day. In his speech, Netanyahu referred to Hamas attacks, considering them massacres. He emphasizes that Israeli victims will be remembered for generations to come. Netanyahu highlighted the courage of individuals who are willing to put patriotism and the interests of the state above all else. The Israeli Prime Minister is proud of such individuals, considering it crucial to destroy Hamas.

"At the beginning of the current war, which began with the terrible massacre, we heard of countless acts of sacrifice, stories of heroism and displays of mutual commitment that will be remembered for generations," he said, as quoted by Miami Herald.

"Our loved ones who fell in battle represent our eternal values. Love of man and nation, love of country, willingness to sacrifice and belief in the righteousness of the path. This war is about exactly that. It's either us -- Israel, or them -- the monsters of Hamas."

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu© Amir Levy / Getty Images

Netanyahu emphasized the seriousness of the situation, explaining that it's a choice between existence, liberty, security, and prosperity, or torture, massacre, rape, and slavery. He expressed determination to appear victorious in this fight, prioritizing the safe return of all hostages.

Let's remember, Israelis protested a few days ago, believing that Netanyahu must change his philosophy and work towards establishing peace. The protesters were mainly families of Israeli hostages held in Palestine. However, many ordinary Israeli citizens also decided to show support for the protesters. Netanyahu's image in the eyes of Israeli citizens has slowly been changing recently.

Some believe that the Israeli Prime Minister is willing to prioritize the interests of the state over focusing on the release of hostages, and that more should be done in that direction.

Israelis are speaking more openly about the need to end this war and conflict, especially since the fate of many Israelis, particularly hostages, depends on it. Netanyahu is under massive pressure, but even pressure from major powers hasn't been able to influence him to change his mind. The question is whether protests and the opinions of his citizens can be enough to sway this influential figure. Benjamin Netanyahu still provides reasons why the conflict must continue, expecting Israelis to achieve a final victory.

While analyses are being conducted worldwide and reports on casualties and the course of the conflict are being issued, the situation doesn't seem to be improving at all. Israelis, judging by everything, are preparing for a major offensive, which could potentially be the final step towards achieving their goal. Netanyahu is rallying support for his army, expecting them to demonstrate courage and readiness as they have done many times before.

Benjamin Netanyahu