Russia's Defence Minister Explains How Russians Aim to Achieve Victory in Ukraine

The new Russian Minister of Defense, Andrei Belousov, put an accent on the economy of this country

by Sead Dedovic
Russia's Defence Minister Explains How Russians Aim to Achieve Victory in Ukraine
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The new Russian Minister of Defense, Andrei Belousov, has embarked on his tenure with serious intentions, ready to assist his country in achieving its goals in the coming period. The priority of the new Russian Minister of Defense is to modernize the armed forces, emphasizing a desire to minimize human losses. The Russian military has made significant advancements on the front lines recently, but with many soldiers lost.

"The key task, of course, remains achieving victory. Ensuring the achievement of the military-political goals of the special military operation, set by the president. At the same time - I want to specifically emphasise this - with minimal human losses,"- he said, as quoted by Reuters.

Judging by the headlines of well-known media outlets, over 50,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the war in Russia. Some believe that Russian soldiers are 'mere flesh' and that Russia's military leadership has no empathy for its soldiers. Their priority is achieving military objectives, namely victory in Ukraine. The Russians still have a large number of soldiers, which represents a huge advantage compared to the Ukrainians, who have had issues with military personnel since the beginning of the war.

The new Russian Minister of Defense, Andrei Belousov, put an accent on the economy of this country, specifically the military economy.

"The first (goal) is to ensure the integration of the military economy into the overall economy of the country. This is not simple and requires the optimization of expenditures (...) Which does not mean their decline," he said.

Andrei Belousov
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Belousov wants the money citizens provide to be maximally utilized, so that Russians can achieve their war goals in Ukraine. It's difficult to draw a definite conclusion on how happy Russian citizens are with this war, but judging by reactions on social media, a large number of Russians are not satisfied with Vladimir Putin and his plans in Ukraine. 

The fact is that it's difficult to openly discuss this in Russia, considering Vladimir Putin is known as a rigid and unforgiving leader, ready to stop anyone who opposes him. Democracy in Russia has long been dead, but the question remains whether it can be revived. The Minister of Defense believes that everything in the country must be flawless to make it easier for Russian soldiers to achieve victory as soon as possible.

"Defence spending needed to be optimised so that every rouble of budget money, which is ultimately paid by our citizens, brings maximal effect.

Everything in the country that is effective and advanced - everything must work to achieve victory, to ensure the armed forces can complete their tasks," he continued.

Belousov stresses that it is not yet necessary to deploy all Russian troops. Analysts believe that these are moments that Russians want to capitalize on, given that the opposing side is not particularly well-armed and weakening day by day. The assistance coming from the US worth 60 million dollars could be a turning point in this war. 

Belousov emphasized that Russians will potentially change their methods and tactics of warfare to progress further. Knowing Ukraine, he believes that Ukrainians have learned a lot since the beginning of the war, and the progress of technology changes things day by day. That is why he considers it important to learn and to stop the enemy. Russians do not want to suffer defeat in this war and are ready to go all the way to the end.

Vladimir Putin is making moves to achieve his goal

Vladimir Putin confirmed a few days ago that he had replaced Sergei Shoigu, who had been the Minister of Defense for 12 years. He is now the Secretary of the Security Council. 

Vladimir Putin
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In addition, the Russian leader has made many changes in the ministry due to the corruption that prevailed. Vladimir Putin, judging by the balance of power, cannot be happy with the situation on the front for the past two years, but he can be happy with the progress Russians have made in the last month. 

The Russian president still firmly stands behind his position, ready to make any move necessary to achieve victory. Putin does not want to see a scenario in which his country suffers defeat. That is the last thing the Russian leader intends to witness.

There are many predictions regarding the future of this war, but it is difficult to draw a definite conclusion about what awaits us in the coming period. Ukrainians hope and believe they can withstand Russian attacks and prevent their advancement. Russians, on the other hand, hope they can conquer parts of Ukrainian territory and end this story. Hoping that this conflict will come to an end soon.

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