Slovak Prime Minister's Attack Sparks Threats Against Polish PM Donald Tusk

The attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fitz triggered an avalanche of threats in Slovakia against journalists and politicians, but also against European politicians, Polish PM Donald Tusk received death threats

by Sededin Dedovic
Slovak Prime Minister's Attack Sparks Threats Against Polish PM Donald Tusk
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Assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, when yesterday an dissatisfied Slovak shot at him, triggered a wave of threats not only to Slovak officials and journalists but also to European politicians, for example, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

"Slovaks have set an example for us of what needs to be done with Donald Tusk if he sabotages the central airport," one of the death threats received by the Polish Prime Minister stated. Tusk posted that message on the social media platform X with his comment "There was more of that yesterday.

The vision of Poland." "This is not just a matter of Slovakia. Tensions are not just growing here. We saw attacks during the pre-election campaign in Germany. It's not just Slovakia's problem. Politicians in Europe need to think about how to avoid such situations," said newly elected President of Slovakia Peter Pellegrini today.

Editors-in-chief of independent Slovak media receive threatening emails and messages after the assassination attempt on Slovak officials, although they speak of reconciliation, as the main culprits for the polarization of society, hate speech that hasn't stopped turned into violence and attempted murder, labeling the opposition and media not under government control.

"This heinous act must not fuel further aggression, verbal attacks, and revenge. This must not be a time of exploiting the assassination for political goals or for inciting even worse passions," said in a joint appeal the editors-in-chief of 25 leading Slovak media outlets.

Death threats are also directed at politicians of the Slovak ruling coalition, for example, President of the Nitra Region Branislav Becik, leader of the candidate list of President Peter Pellegrini's party Voice for the European Parliament elections this June, to whom someone threatened, "I will kill you, you piece of trash." "Those who wish death upon Prime Minister Fico today also wish death upon representatives of security services.

Let's say also to MP Richard Glika from Fico's Direction – Social Democracy party. People who threaten also the newly elected president of the Judicial Council Marcela Kosova," said about the escalation of threats and hate speech Minister of Interior Affairs Matus Shutaj Eshtok.

Slovak police announced today that surveillance and security have been intensified not only for the MPs of all political parliamentary parties but also for the editorial offices of Slovak media, schools so that the police can respond timely to threats.

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Minister of Interior Affairs Shutaj Eshtok said that hybrid threats in cyberspace are intensifying, and the police leadership confirmed that some authors of threatening messages have been identified, 32 of them, and they will be held accountable according to the valid laws of Slovakia.

The assassination attempt on the Slovak Prime Minister, who is in stabilized but still very critical condition after a five-hour surgery last night, prompted both the police and the neighboring Czech services today to check the capabilities of the security protecting the state leadership and those ministers entitled to bodyguards, giving them new specific instructions.

The condition of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was the target of the assassination attempt, has stabilized, but he is still in life-threatening condition, said today Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Robert Kalinjak.

Kalinjak, who is one of Fico's closest associates, appealed to everyone to make efforts to calm passions and asked the media to state only facts and to stop racing to publish unverified news, of which there has been a lot in the last few hours.

Although it was expected that the government would determine after today's session of the Slovak Security Council who would replace Fico until he recovers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Robert Kalinjak, who was seen in that role, said that the decision has been postponed "until a situation arises that someone has to take over the duty of the Prime Minister." According to the Law on Competences, the Deputy Prime Minister - of which there are four - would represent Fico.

Besides Kalinjak, they are Minister of Economy Denisa Sakova, Peter Kmec, as well as Minister of Environment Protection Tomas Taraba. Minister of Interior Affairs of Slovakia Matus Shutaj Eshtok said that an embargo has been placed on providing information about the investigation, but he confirmed that authorities, after questioning the attacker, 71-year-old Juraj Cintula, are considering only one version - that it is a politically motivated assassination attempt.

"He told us that he disagrees with the policy of the current government, with changes in the judiciary. He disagrees with the suspension of aid to Ukraine and disagrees with changes in the public radio and TV service," Shutaj Eshtok stated.

The Minister of Interior Affairs said that the attacker was not a member of any radicalized group, neither left nor right. "It is about a lone wolf whose actions accelerated dissatisfaction with the outcome of the presidential elections. He participated in several anti-government demonstrations since last year," said Shutaj Eshtok.