Zelenskyy Urges NATO: Target Russian Projectiles to Defend Ukrainian Airspace

The Ukrainian president acknowledged that the situation on the front lines is very difficult

by Sead Dedovic
Zelenskyy Urges NATO: Target Russian Projectiles to Defend Ukrainian Airspace
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has once again requested assistance from NATO, believing they could be a crucial factor in the war between Russia and Ukraine in a specific way. Specifically, the Ukrainian president wants NATO to help him shoot down Russian projectiles over Ukrainian territory, given the issues Ukraine faces regarding air defense. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been emphasizing for several months the extent of the danger Russia poses to them, as they use around 300 aircraft in Ukrainian territory. On the other hand, Ukrainians need at least 120-130 fighters to confront the Russians.

"You can't secure that now? Okay, return with the planes you have in the territory of neighboring NATO countries: lift them up, shoot down targets, protect civilians," said Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian president acknowledged that the situation on the front lines is very difficult, given that the Russians have been advancing for several weeks, exploiting Ukraine's weaknesses and shortcomings in many aspects. Specifically, Ukrainians have problems with the number of infantry troops, as well as with weapons, which they lack. The only thing they can do at the moment is to be patient and wait for the assistance from the US, which should come soon. 

Russian troops have advanced to northeastern Ukraine, and they have also seized part of the eastern Donbas region. Zelenskyy confirmed that dangerous battles are taking place there, which are crucial for the future of this country.

"A very powerful wave (of fighting) is going on in Donbas ... No-one even notices that there are actually more battles in the east of the country, specifically in the Donbas direction: Kurakhove, Pokrovsk, Chasiv Yar."- Zelenskyy said, as quoted by REUTERS.

Zelenskyy emphasized the urgent need for quicker military assistance from the United States and other allies. While weapons and ammunition from a recently approved U.S. package are finally reaching Ukraine, their delivery was delayed for months due to internal political disputes.

The key figures in Congress couldn't find common ground and offer a solution. It took a long time, but ultimately Congress agreed to aid Ukraine. Americans are aware that the future of Ukraine potentially impacts the future of their own country, as well as all countries worldwide. No one knows what Vladimir Putin's plans are if he achieves his goal in Ukraine. Many believe it's better not to know such things than to prevent such an outcome in time.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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Zelenskyy expressed frustration at the delays, stressing that every decision made, either individually or collectively, is typically delayed by approximately a year. He characterized the situation as taking one step forward but encountering two steps back, suggesting a need to rethink the current approach.

The Ukrainian leader, while happy and grateful to all countries that have been of great assistance to him, believes that some could be more involved in the war. Zelenskyy believes that leaders of major countries are aware of the situation and afraid of the escalation of this war. He thinks that it was customary to watch Ukrainians die, considering it okay for some. The Ukrainian leader warns that the situation could become chaotic for others, believing that NATO could react by stopping Russian projectiles.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has attempted to negotiate with some partners to use their weapons to counter Russian projectiles, but he emphasizes that there still haven't been any positive responses or replies.

"And then Russia will have to answer to the majority of the world, not Ukraine. ... No-one says that tomorrow Russia will agree, but it is important that we have the initiative."

Switzerland negotiations

The Ukrainians remain firm in their desire for freedom and liberation from the occupiers. Negotiations will take place in Switzerland next month involving many countries, with Russia evidently not being part of the entire talks. Zelenskyy expects these meetings to bring positive reactions and beneficial consequences for Ukraine. He emphasizes that the Russians will have to be held accountable for everything they've done to the whole world, considering it important for Ukrainians to take the initiative.

The Ukrainian president also anticipates China's participation in these negotiations, believing that this meeting will demonstrate which countries want to be on Ukraine's side and which ones want to be on the side of war. It's difficult to conclude whether China will indeed be part of everything, considering this country's strong relations with Russia, especially given the frequent meetings between Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, and Vladimir Putin.

The Ukrainian leader stresses that his country has the strength and potential to achieve victory, although he is aware that a difficult task lies ahead. Only brave countries can stand up to a force like Russia, which Ukraine is at this moment. The fight remains for them, who knows for how long, but the whole world hopes that this war could come to an end, at least in the near future.

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