Benjamin Netanyahu's Brutal Reaction to Arrest Warrant Request

"I reject with disgust The Hague prosecutor's comparison between democratic Israel and the mass murderers of Hamas,"- he said

by Sead Dedovic
Benjamin Netanyahu's Brutal Reaction to Arrest Warrant Request
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not happy with the decisions of the International Criminal Court prosecutor after a warrant was sought for his conduct. Netanyahu has been the main topic of media and newspaper discussions for months, with a focus on events in Palestine since October of this year. Many consider the actions of the Israeli Prime Minister unacceptable, frustrated by the politics he has been pursuing since the beginning of the conflict. 

However, Netanyahu is someone who doesn't have concrete reactions to callouts or headlines, believing that what he is doing is the only right thing. His stance is that he wants to destroy Hamas, and it seems he doesn't want anyone to stop him on that path.

The Israeli Prime Minister is particularly frustrated because individuals are drawing comparisons between Israel and Hamas, whom he considers terrorists. Netanyahu believes that Israel's actions and the policies of this country are correct, while on the other hand, he sees Hamas as a terrorist organization that "kills, massacres, rapes, and burns (Israeli) brothers and sisters and IDF soldiers who are fighting."

"I reject with disgust The Hague prosecutor's comparison between democratic Israel and the mass murderers of Hamas," Netanyahu said in a statement, as quoted by channelnewsasia.

The Israeli Prime Minister regards such actions as antisemitism, sending a clear message to the citizens of Israel. He has promised that attempts like these to hinder their goals will not succeed. Netanyahu has pledged that pressures like these or decisions at the international level cannot prevent Israel from stopping Hamas. 

What's interesting is that the Israeli Prime Minister seems to have decreasing support from Israelis, who believe that he, like other important political figures in Israel, could have taken different actions. Recent protests in the capital city of Israel, with a focus on the release of Israeli hostages and a change in Israel's policy, have not brought anything positive. However, such protests are a red alert that Netanyahu and others don't have strong support. Moreover, the people are frustrated with the war with Palestine, expecting that the chaos will end soon. Netanyahu still stands by his stance: "We must destroy Hamas!"

Isaac Herzog reacts

President Isaac Herzog also criticizes ICC prosecutor Karim Khan's moves, considering them misguided. Herzog questions the international judicial system, suggesting it is experiencing a collapse. Herzog is also an interesting figure since the beginning of the conflict, and in many ways, he resembles Netanyahu and Gallant.

President Isaac Herzog stated, "ICC prosecutor Karim Khan’s decision to seek arrest warrants for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is beyond outrageous. It shows the extent to which the international judicial system is in danger of collapsing."

Isaac Herzog
Isaac Herzog© Amir Levy/Getty Images News

He believes that this kind of move only gives support to terrorist groups to continue with the same policy in the future.

"Taken in bad faith, this one-sided move represents a unilateral political step that emboldens terrorists around the world, and violates all the basic rules of the court according to the principle of complementarity and other legal norms."- he continued, as quoted by Times of Israel.

President Isaac Herzog stresses that they will not forget who initiated this war and committed atrocities such as rape, butchery, burning, brutality, and kidnapping against innocent citizens and families. He emphasizes his expectation for all leaders in the free world to openly condemn this action and firmly reject it.

Benny Gantz reacts

War cabinet minister Benny Gantz also had a similar reaction as the previous one, expressing disappointment. He immediately emphasized that it was Hamas who initiated the conflict in October last year, which led to catastrophic consequences. Gantz highlights that Israelis are in a tough fight to prevent Hamas from causing a massacre on the same scale again. According to his statements, Gantz fears that Hamas could make similar moves if they are not completely destroyed.

“The State of Israel is waging one of the just wars fought in modern history following a reprehensible massacre perpetrated by terrorist Hamas on the 7th of October,” Gantz says in a statement.

Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz© Amir Levy/Getty Images News

Benny Gantz highlights that Israel adheres to a strict moral code, complies with international law, and has a strong independent judiciary. He argues that comparing the leaders of a democratic nation defending itself from terrorism to leaders of a terrorist organization is a severe distortion of justice and a clear moral failure.

Gantz thinks that it is ridiculous to draw a parallel between Hamas and Israel.

He further criticizes the prosecutor's decision to apply for arrest warrants, stating that it constitutes a historic crime that will be remembered for generations. 

We will see what ultimately happens regarding this case.

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