Political Figures' Response to Israel's Attack: Israel, Stop Now

"Gaza is a very small enclave, densely populated. Such an area cannot be bombed without shocking consequences."

by Sead Dedovic
Political Figures' Response to Israel's Attack: Israel, Stop Now
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The actions of the Israelis have sparked anger worldwide, especially considering the massacre carried out by their army, this time in Rafah, in southern Gaza. What is particularly concerning is that it mostly involves women and children. Following such information, there have been reactions from important officials and leaders of states, who are outraged by the behavior of the Israeli authorities and military. Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Michael Marton, called on Israel to stop the military operation in Rafah, believing that such attacks lead to shocking consequences.

"Gaza is a very small enclave, densely populated. Such an area cannot be bombed without shocking consequences in terms of innocent children and civilians. We call on Israel to stop, to stop now, in terms of the military operation in Rafah," said Martin, as translated by Klix.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jose Manuel Albares has also decided to respond to such attacks, believing that everyone must speak out against these attacks and support international law and the UN. The whole world firmly stands with Palestine, disappointed by Israel's policies and their attacks day by day. Although it was expected that Israelis would stop such a policy, they seem to defy the world day by day and commit even more heinous crimes. Killing civilians is the last thing a moral army would do.

"Yesterday's bombing in Rafah is yet another day where innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed. This underscores what our three countries (Spain, Norway, and Ireland) have long been calling for - an immediate ceasefire. But the gravity is even greater because it comes after the decision of the International Court of Justice which, I want to remind once again, is binding and obligatory for all parties. I believe this time we must speak out not only for an immediate ceasefire but also in support of international law and the United Nations," said Albares.

Jose Manuel Albares
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Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide reacts

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide is also disappointed by the actions of the Israelis and has decided to raise his voice against Israel and what they are doing in Rafah.

Eide pointed out that there have been ongoing concerns for months regarding the Israeli military actions in Gaza, which have been deemed contrary to international humanitarian law. With the recent ruling from the International Court of Justice mandating Israel to halt the attack on Rafah, Eide emphasized the binding nature of this order. He stressed that any continuation of military operations in Rafah would constitute a significant violation of the decision made by the highest court globally, reinforcing the legal obligation for Israel to comply with international law.

Espen Barth Eide
Espen Barth Eide© Omar Havana/Getty Images News

It's difficult to understand how, despite warnings from world leaders and officials, the situation remains unchanged, and it seems that no one dares to take concrete action when it comes to the war in the Middle East. Protests that have been ongoing for months, statements from leaders, and social media campaigns; It seems that none of this is having any effect, which is incomprehensible.

Francesca Albanese is furious

Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, characterized Israel's assault on the tent camp in Rafah as another instance of horror.

She emphasized that such cruelty, coupled with the blatant disregard for international law and norms, is intolerable. Albanese stressed that ending the genocide in Gaza will require external pressure. She proposed that Israel should face sanctions, legal accountability, suspension of agreements, trade restrictions, cessation of partnerships and investments, and exclusion from international forums as measures to compel compliance with humanitarian principles.

She had previously, several months ago, submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council, asserting that Israel is committing genocide in Palestine. She emphasized that the political leadership of Israel intentionally violates international humanitarian law to justify genocidal intentions against the Palestinian population. Francesca has also acknowledged receiving threats after her reports, which have circulated worldwide. Nevertheless, she believes that Israelis will be held accountable for their actions against Palestinians and that they still fail to grasp that they have crossed a line. Albanese does not understand how a country with so many scientists and reputable universities can silently witness such a situation and engage in such actions in Palestine.

Albanese believes that this chaos should come to an end as soon as possible, with peace becoming the priority. She has realized that there is deep-seated hatred among people towards others, and this experience has been an important lesson for her.

"I did not realize that there was such a deep, entrenched racism in our societies that prevents us from looking at the Palestinians as ordinary human beings," - she said.