Emmanuel Macron: There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians

French president wants international law to be respected and calls for a ceasefire.

by Sead Dedovic
Emmanuel Macron: There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians
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French President Emmanuel Macron, someone who has advocated for peace in the Middle East from the onset of the war, is disappointed in what is happening. Macron is also someone who, from the first day of the war in Ukraine, has spoken out against Russia, suggesting that it might become necessary to send troops to Ukraine to assist the Ukrainians. Many have characterized his statements as controversial, believing that Macron has crossed a certain line. 

However, this time, we want to focus on Rafah and the chaotic situation in this town in Palestine. The Israeli army is conducting an offensive and committing crimes that are being talked about day by day. World leaders are trying to send messages of peace and condemn such actions, but it doesn't change the situation in this town. 

Israelis continue to advance, ignoring messages and criticisms. Concrete action has been lacking, and from the words of certain leaders, the Palestinian population currently does not benefit. Macron, however, has decided to send a message via social media, condemning the Israelis. The French president wants international law to be respected and calls for a ceasefire.

“Outraged by the Israeli strikes that have killed many displaced persons in Rafah,” Emmanuel Macron wrote on X.

“These operations must stop. There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians. I call for full respect for international law and an immediate ceasefire."- Macron concluded.

Macron Outlines Conditions for Possible French Military Intervention in Ukraine
Macron Outlines Conditions for Possible French Military Intervention in Ukraine© Getty Images/Claudio Reis

Day by day, new information emerges about the casualties, with children and women predominantly among the numbers, which is an additional red flag. Just two days ago, Israelis targeted a camp in Rafah, where at least 35 people were killed. Since October of last year, from the moment Hamas attacked Israel and this state decided to retaliate, 36,000 Palestinians have been killed, which is truly a shocking figure. 

Since October of last year, the entire world has risen in condemnation of Israel and what they are doing in Palestine. Protests have erupted worldwide, many have raised their voices, but the Israeli political leadership continues to firmly stand behind their positions. Although their messages emphasize that they do not intend to kill civilians but rather focus on military targets and destroy Hamas, it is obvious that a large number, namely the majority, of casualties are civilian population.

Emmanuel Macron's stance two months ago

Just two months ago, Macron had an identical stance when it comes to Israeli actions. The French leader emphasized that population displacement is a war crime. Macron sent a message then to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stressing that he is free to achieve victory over Hamas, but Macron is frustrated with some other Israeli actions. The French presidency had already issued a statement opposing the offensive in Rafah at that time. The statement clearly states that Macron opposes the actions of the Israeli military leadership and politics.

"The president once again expressed his firm opposition to an offensive on Rafah. He recalled that the forced displacement of populations is a war crime in terms of international law, and Gaza’s future can only be decided in the framework of the creation of a future Palestinian state and under the responsibility of the Palestinian authority.”- the statement read.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Given that it was the holy month for Muslims, Ramadan, the French leader demanded peace in Jerusalem without any escalations. Macron was concerned about Israeli statements, considering them unacceptable.

“The president also firmly condemned the recent Israeli announcements in terms of settlements, contrary to international law,” the statement said.

Interestingly, Macron and other world leaders like Joe Biden have used every opportunity to condemn Israeli attacks, but it has remained at that. Condemnation evidently was the first and last step to prevent chaos in Palestine. In addition, other world leaders have acted in the same way, such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Their messages have been ongoing since the beginning of the war, but such messages have not yielded any results when it comes to the situation in Palestine. Moreover, the situation is becoming increasingly chaotic day by day, with less optimism that peace will ever be achieved in this Middle Eastern country. The number of casualties is rising daily, just like the number of condemning messages.

One may ask: Why do world leaders sit idly and remain silent? Condemnation seems insufficient, and it is necessary to establish concrete actions to stop the war in Palestine. If there is a willingness from all parties to halt this war, then it would indeed happen. However, does everyone really want to see peace in Palestine, or does this situation indicate something else?

Time will best show us what awaits us, with hope that this conflict can come to an end.

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