White House Asserts Israel's Actions in Rafah Don't Violate US Guidelines

"We have not seen them smash into Rafah. We have not seen them go in with large units, large numbers of troops."- Kirby said.

by Sead Dedovic
White House Asserts Israel's Actions in Rafah Don't Violate US Guidelines
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The USA has been warning Israel for some time about the invasion of Rafah. Despite this, the Israeli military and political leadership have been deaf to such warnings, disregarding them entirely. Their actions from the beginning of the war in Palestine speak volumes about how deaf the main figures in Israeli politics are to everything. 

White House National Security Communications Advisor, John Kirby reacted yesterday after the Israelis reached the city center and seized an important strategic location on the border with Egypt. 

US President Joe Biden has warned Israel that the USA will limit the supply of weapons if the Israeli army enters populated areas of Rafah. The American president has shown readiness to stand by Israel since the beginning of the war, but their recent actions have provoked anger from the American president. Despite his warnings, the Israelis are advancing, and they still stand behind their goals and intentions. 

Joe Biden
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Kirby commented on the Israeli attack on the camp where approximately 45 people were killed. However, Israeli authorities have a prepared response, and the question is how much truth there is to it. Namely, they emphasize that the aim of the attack was two senior Hamas officials, but the fire could have continued as a result of an explosion in a Hamas weapons depot.

The US political leadership is frustrated by such behavior, believing that innocent lives should not be allowed to perish in this conflict. Americans have confirmed that they will monitor Israel's actions in the coming period and react appropriately if Israelis continue with the same policy. As we have already mentioned, one of Biden's moves will be to reduce arms supplies. However, the question remains how useful this will be for civilians and others in Palestine. Concrete actions that should come from world leaders are missing this time, as they have many times before.

John Kirby: We don't support, we won't support a major ground operation in Rafah

The White House National Security Communications Advisor addressed a reporter's question regarding whether the Israeli attack violated the restrictions previously set by Biden. Kirby emphasized that they do not support an operation in Rafah. He pointed out that at this moment, the Israelis have obviously not exceeded the limits, and there is no need for a reaction yet. However, he stressed that they are prepared to take concrete measures if the Israelis exceed the limits. Some are asking: Have the Israelis really not exceeded the limit?!

"We don't support, we won't support a major ground operation in Rafah. The president said that, should that occur, then it might make him have to make different decisions in terms of support. We haven't seen that happen at this point. We have not seen them smash into Rafah. We have not seen them go in with large units, large numbers of troops, in columns and formations in some sort of co-ordinated manoeuvre against multiple targets on the ground."- he said, as quoted by BBC.

John Kirby
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Based on everything we've been seeing in recent days, it appears that the Israelis have slowly entered certain areas with tanks and troops. They believe this is the only way to achieve a final victory. It is also known that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly emphasized that there can be no victory without the complete destruction of Hamas. While he has the support of many regarding this aspect, many wonder if his statements are hypocritical, considering the large number of civilian casualties since the beginning of the war. Joe Biden still hasn't taken concrete steps, believing that the Israelis are still adhering to certain measures.

Palestinian ministry on support for Israel: The world must wake up

The Palestinian population is in fear and shock, calling for assistance from major countries. They are aware that without such help, they are left to fend for themselves. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a clear message following the massacre in Rafah.

"The Ministry considers this crime as new evidence clearly indicating once again that Israel has declared war on Palestinian civilians. Additionally, the attack refutes the occupation's claims about the existence of safe zones in the Gaza Strip," it is stated.

The Ministry also calls on the entire world to open their eyes, see what is happening, and react accordingly to the situation. Looking at the statements and behavior of important figures in the world, it is difficult to be optimistic about the future of Palestinians. We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days, hoping that this war can still come to an end and that the killing of innocent and unarmed civilians can be prevented

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