Volodymyr Zelenskyy Expresses Gratitude to European Country for Greatest Support Yet

Zelenskyy confirmed via social media that a new aid package has arrived.

by Sead Dedovic
Volodymyr Zelenskyy Expresses Gratitude to European Country for Greatest Support Yet
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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is not giving up on lobbying for financial aid for Ukraine. The President of this European country is aware that they are in a difficult situation and in need of allies to assist them in continuing the war. The benefit will be mutual, as many fear the moves of Russian leader Vladimir Putin if he achieves his goals in Ukraine. 

Zelenskyy confirmed via social media that a new aid package has arrived, this time from Sweden. The Ukrainian leader spoke with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and emphasized how essential aid to Ukraine is. Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to everyone, especially Sweden, for the largest aid package valued at $1.2 billion, via social media.

"Yesterday, I spoke with Swedish PM Ulf Kristersson about the current battlefield situation and Ukraine's priority defense needs. Today, I am glad to express my profound gratitude to Prime Minister Kristersson, his government, and all Swedes for Sweden's largest military aid package announced thus far, totaling nearly EUR 1.2 billion," Zelenskyy wrote on the X.

Ulf Kristersson
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The Ukrainian president has confirmed that the new aid package is focusing on air defense, which is their main weakness at the moment. Zelenskyy is concerned about the next moves of the Russians, believing they want to exploit the weaknesses of the Ukrainian air defense and achieve their goals. He has been talking for months about the importance of air defense, calling on allied countries to help him. Zelenskyy has been waiting for this moment.

"This new package focuses on air defense, artillery ammunition, and armored vehicles, all of which are critical to our warriors. It also includes ASC 890 radar surveillance and command aircraft, the entire Swedish fleet of PBV 302 armored vehicles, and additional artillery ammunition," - he wrote.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy stresses that aid to Ukraine is important not only for that country but for all European countries potentially at risk. Political and military experts fear that by achieving his goals in Ukraine, Putin would automatically aim for other objectives, including the conquest of other countries. Although the Russian president has repeatedly stated that his intentions are not such, some are not optimistic that Putin is truly telling the truth. 

Zelenskyy continues to firmly stand behind the belief that the Russian political leadership will strive for further expansion if they conquer Ukraine. The Ukrainian president once again thanked Sweden for standing by them, demonstrating that they are a true ally.

"These contributions are critical to Ukraine's defense and resilience. It is also important that Swedish assistance not only saves Ukrainian lives, but it also helps to ensure long-term peace and security in Europe. Together, we will defend our shared values and ensure that the aggressor is held accountable," Zelenskyy said.

"I am grateful to Sweden for standing with us and remaining a true and reliable ally."

Sweden intends to remain in excellent relations with Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Australia for attending the Peace Summit

The Ukrainian leader is focused on the Peace Summit that will take place in Switzerland next month. Zelenskyy has invited all countries, but he is especially hopeful that world powers like the US and China will be present at this summit. Zelenskyy confirmed via social media that Australia will be part of the Peace Summit. Zelenskyy has not forgotten to thank Australians for the support they have provided from day one. Zelenskyy has warned the Prime Minister about Russia's objectives, as it carries out fierce offensives.

“I spoke with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to express my gratitude for Australia’s unwavering support for Ukraine. I informed the Prime Minister about Russia’s ongoing efforts to expand the war and our pressing defense needs to counter the aggressor,” Zelenskyy wrote on X.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy also expects other countries to be open to attending this summit, aware that with much support, Ukraine will be closer to achieving its goal. Defending the country is very challenging, especially now that they have various problems. Despite everything, such moves by the Ukrainian president speak volumes about how eager he is to defend the country and achieve the war goal. 

The summit is set to begin in about two weeks, where they will discuss many important issues regarding the war in Ukraine, among other topics. Some of the major powers have already confirmed their attendance, but the Ukrainian leader hopes that all of the major powers will be present at this summit.

Vladimir Putin has not reacted to this summit. Many times before, he has also remained silent, indicating his tendency to maintain a mysterious and unpredictable behavior. Russians are launching fierce attacks in Ukraine, suggesting that they may be preparing for a powerful offensive.

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