Tensions Spike as US Accuses Russia of Using North Korean Missiles in Ukraine

"Analysis confirms that Russia used ballistic missiles produced in North Korea in its war against Ukraine,” the DIA said.

by Sead Dedovic
Tensions Spike as US Accuses Russia of Using North Korean Missiles in Ukraine
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The war in Ukraine brings news day by day. While on one hand, the Russians often condemn Ukraine's allies, many of whom they see as threatening the situation and peace, it seems that Russians are indeed cooperating with their allies. According to the Pentagon's report, North Korea has been sending weapons to the Russians. 

The Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency confirmed through photographs that the North Koreans were providing weapons to the Russians, given the short-range ballistic missile found in Kharkiv, which was labeled as produced by North Korea. Vladimir Putin evidently has excellent relations with North Korea and intends to maintain such relations with them in the future.

“Analysis confirms that Russia used ballistic missiles produced in North Korea in its war against Ukraine,” the DIA said, as quoted by malaymalai.

“North Korean missile debris was found throughout Ukraine."

North Korea and Russia intend to improve relations in the future and cooperate

North Korea and Russia have been deepening their good relations for some time now, although they have previously been in positive relations. Vladimir Putin aims to visit North Korea and converse with its president, Kim Jong Un. The North Korean president visited Russia last year for a summit with Putin. It's not his usual practice to visit other countries, but evidently, Kim Jong Un holds immense respect for the Russian president. 

Vladimir Putin has previously had good relations with North Korea, considering that back in the 2000s, he had the opportunity to converse with Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il. North Korea isn't particularly popular in the world due to the closed nature of the country and the policies of its leader. 

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un© 60 Minutes / Youtube channel

North Korea is not allowed to test ballistic technology, but Russia has utilized its veto power in the UN Security Council with the aim of preventing the UN from monitoring violations. North Korea is pleased with Russia's move.

The American authorities are not happy with such cooperation between these two countries, believing it could pose a significant danger. Looking at North Korea's past policies, it's clear why Joe Biden and his administration fear such a partnership. Kim Jong Un is known as a rigid leader, firm in his beliefs, and someone who disregards the advice of others. 

Such leaders have historically caused massive problems in the world, so it's entirely logical to understand the concerns of the entire world, not just America. Another major fear is that North Korea will continue to develop its nuclear capabilities, which certainly deepens the concern.

American intelligence agencies are carefully monitoring the situation, aware that North Korea may not shy away from radical moves in the near future. Historically, this country has created problems for everyone, and the war in Russia could give them a pretext for some new unpopular actions. U.S. intelligence will surely be prepared for any outcome.

“We have no doubt that North Korea will be provocative this year. It’s just a matter of how escalatory it is,” a U.S. intelligence official said. 

Donald Trump's role

U.S. intelligence has also placed emphasis on Donald Trump, who intends to win the elections. It seems that the former U.S. president is cooperating with North Korea, ready to visit this country in a few weeks. It is expected that Trump will strike a deal with them and provide them with military technology. U.S. intelligence officials also emphasize that Vladimir Putin is helping North Korea with nuclear submarine and ballistic missile technology. In return, this country is sending Russia huge amounts of ammunition. It is expected that Russians could help this country field its first submarine capable of launching a nuclear-armed missile.

Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump
Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump© Handout / Getty Images

American authorities still don't know how Russia is supplying North Korea, as they don't have all the concrete information regarding their relationship. The intentions of American authorities will be to understand what is hidden in this relationship and to try to uncover how they are supplying each other. US officials believe that North Korea does not have modern weapons and that their military power is not as it is portrayed. The fact is that Kim Jong Un invests most of the money in the country's defense and missile program development. North Korea has had such a policy for years, considering many countries as a threat to them.

It will be interesting to follow the relationship between these two countries, hoping that neither leader, Putin nor Kim, will make radical moves that could leave a mark on everyone. It is clear that tensions are escalating day by day, and many countries still do not want to take concrete actions. Every wrong move could lead to dire consequences. However, we can hope that this chaos will come to an end.

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