Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Does Trump really want to be a loser president afterwards?

The Ukrainian president is worried if Trump wins the presidential elections

by Sead Dedovic
Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Does Trump really want to be a loser president afterwards?
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has so far enjoyed excellent relations with US President Joe Biden, with the Ukrainian leader and Biden having a strong relationship since the beginning of the war, collaborating from its beginning. 

Former US President and current presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is known for his controversial statements regarding the war in Ukraine, often leaning towards the Russian side. Volodymyr Zelensky is frustrated by such statements from a potential new president and, in an interview with The Guardian, commented on Trump's remarks. 

Zelenskyy, in his analysis, provided predictions of what the situation might look like if Donald Trump were to become president, fearing the consequences not only for Ukraine but also for Europe. The Ukrainian leader discussed scenarios where Trump, along with other leaders, would cease support for Ukraine, which would certainly be a severe blow to the country.

"I don't quite understand: does he [Trump] really want to be a loser president afterwards? Let's imagine that Trump is the president and, for example, he decides to end the war at the expense of Ukraine. And somehow, in the dialogue, he gets confirmation from [Russian ruler Vladimir] Putin on the Russian side that this is a stop, that's it. The Ukrainians will not put up with this, but he can then say: ‘That's it, I'm not giving you any support, there are no weapons, there is no funding'. Maybe he will reach an agreement with some of his partners, and they will also stop [supporting Ukraine]. Of course, Ukraine cannot fight a multimillion-strong army without weapons. Let's just imagine it."- Zelenskyy said, as quoted by Ukrainska PRAVDA.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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The Ukrainian president is firmly convinced that such a scenario would occur if Trump became president. He emphasizes that Trump must carefully consider how he would appear in the eyes of Europe and the world if he were to allow Putin to achieve his goals. Zelensky believes that in the eyes of many, Trump would be seen as very weak, thereby endangering the status of the US and its leaders. Many believe that this would strengthen Putin's power and demonstrate to the world that he holds the upper hand. The question, however, is whether such a scenario is realistic in the future? If Trump indeed wins the elections, we will see if this outcome unfolds as Zelensky believes.

"And let's imagine for a second... I think it's 100% likely that this will happen, but let's imagine that it's 10% likely that Putin will not stop after that. What will this new president of the United States look like for the whole world, then? He will then be very weak, and this is not about his personality but about the institutional capacity of the United States. They will become very weak, they will not be leaders of the world."- Zelenskyy continued.

In Zelenskyy's analysis, he visualizes a scenario where the United States maintains its economic strength domestically, but its international influence greatly decreases under Trump's leadership. He predicts that Putin would capitalize on this perceived weakness, seeing the US as a diminished player on the global stage. 

Zelenskyy warns that other authoritarian leaders would then fill the power vacuum, leading to the collapse of diplomatic efforts and potentially igniting a new global conflict, which he refers to as World War III.

What scenario could we expect if Donald Trump becomes president?

This is a scenario that many prominent figures are discussing. It is also the greatest fear of leaders worldwide. The situation would indeed be chaotic if Putin were to achieve his goals, gain support from the US and other major countries, and misuse his power in the wrong direction.

Political experts and analysts provide predictions on what the situation could look like if Trump were to win and what that would mean for everyone. Predictions vary. Some believe that Trump would give Putin some freedom but not complete freedom to take the war in one direction and establish peace. Another scenario would be that Trump shows his teeth to Putin and is not so tolerant towards the Russian president.

Predicting the political moves of major leaders, especially leaders like Donald Trump, who has often made unconventional moves in his political career, is indeed difficult. The former US president has made many controversial statements regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, but it wouldn't be surprising if he changed his stance in the near future.

The election of a new president could drastically change the situation between Ukraine and Russia.

The situation in Ukraine is becoming more tense day by day, and it is necessary for someone to calm passions in the right way.

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