Volodymyr Zelenskyy: US Aid Has Been Slow To Arrive; Medvedev Sends Warnings

Zelenskyy is worried about the future of his country

by Sead Dedovic
Volodymyr Zelenskyy: US Aid Has Been Slow To Arrive; Medvedev Sends Warnings
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President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is not happy with the actions of the US, considering that the delivery of American aid should have been faster. Ukrainians are not excelling on the front, and things are far from ideal for them, so they urgently need assistance from the US. Earlier, the US approved aid to Ukraine worth $60 billion, but the question is how much of that amount has reached this Eastern country. Zelenskyy is concerned and wants things to speed up.

"I believe that little of this amount has been received so far. That is my personal opinion. I cannot fill reserve brigades to simply replace the current active brigades to ensure proper rotation," said Zelensky, as translated by Klix.

The Ukrainian president believes that the military leadership of Russia knows exactly what they are doing, aware that Ukrainians do not have enough soldiers to resist them. The Russians aim to stretch the front and exploit the weaknesses of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian leader emphasizes the necessity of weapons for their soldiers to be able to resist. He also points out that Russian authorities don't think much about Russian soldiers, knowing that they outnumber the Ukrainians.

"What are they doing with Kharkiv now and why are they heading north, they aim to stretch the front. They know we don't have enough personnel, they know we can't send reserves without the necessary equipment, unlike how the Russians send their troops as cannon fodder," said Zelenskyy.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that if they had enough weapons, they could confront their opponent much more effectively with long-range projectiles in the Kharkiv region. The Russians are aware that the Ukrainians have many shortcomings and are seeking to exploit every weakness of the opponent.

"If enough (supplies) had arrived, we would fill the brigades, we wouldn't withdraw our forces from Donbas, and we could retaliate with long-range (projectiles) in the Kharkiv region," Zelenskyy concluded.

The Ukrainian leader once again emphasized that assistance must be swift because the situation on the frontlines is changing rapidly, and the consequences could be catastrophic for the country. No one at this moment would benefit from Russia achieving victory, as it could trigger a domino effect. Many countries close to Russia fear Putin and his policies, aware that Ukraine's fall could potentially lead to new offensives from the Russian leader.

Dmitry Medvedev and his warnings

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, suggests that Western countries may be making a "fatal mistake" in assuming that Russia will never use tactical nuclear weapons (TNW). One of the reasons NATO refrains from taking more drastic actions is the concern that Russia may resort to using nuclear weapons, which would result in chaos across the entire planet. It is precisely for this reason that key political figures patiently await their chance, with no intention of resorting to the ultimate means used in warfare. However, it appears that Russia could take such a step if provoked by someone's actions.

Medvedev points out that just a few years ago, the West claimed that Russia would not engage in open military conflict with the Bandera regime to avoid confrontation with the West. However, as Medvedev states, they were wrong, as the war is underway.

Medvedev, as an experienced politician, knows that the use of nuclear weapons could spell disaster for many densely populated European countries. At this moment, no one needs civilians to perish due to such conflict, but the fact remains that the Russians are prepared to take various actions if indeed NATO and other major countries provoke them.

"However, this would be a fatal mistake. After all, as the Russian president rightly pointed out, European countries have very high population density. And for those hostile countries whose lands are outside the coverage zone of TNWs, there is strategic potential," he added.

Dmitry Medvedev Shares His Unconventional Take on Georgia-Russia Relations
Dmitry Medvedev Shares His Unconventional Take on Georgia-Russia Relations© Getty Images News/Andrea Verdelli

Medvedev stresses that the conflict between Russia and the West may have already entered its final phase. He expresses concern that the current military conflict with the West is unfolding according to the worst-case scenario, suggesting that the situation is grave and escalating rapidly. Additionally, he emphasizes that this is not mere intimidation or a nuclear bluff, indicating that the risks and consequences are real and serious.

We have no doubt that important figures in the world of politics will carefully analyze what Medvedev has said and, accordingly, consider what the best option is for the future of Europe and the world. It is difficult to understand what the best course of action would be, given that every move, whether from one side or the other, carries immense consequences. Russian leadership knows that they too could feel the repercussions of wrong moves, but for now, no one has a concrete reaction.

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