Joe Biden Confirms Israel Offered Ceasefire to Hamas: Time to End This War

Joe Biden confirmed in one of his speeches his readiness to stop the war in Palestine

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden Confirms Israel Offered Ceasefire to Hamas: Time to End This War
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President of the United States Joe Biden is concerned about the situation in the Middle East, ready to take concrete steps to stop the chaos prevailing there. Israel and Palestine have been at war for months, and the information emerging day by day is truly cause for concern among all. Although voices have been raised against the situation in Palestine for months, and there have been many protests worldwide, the situation does not seem to be getting any better. 

On the contrary, the situation appears to be significantly worsening day by day. 

A key figure since the beginning of the war is also US President Joe Biden, who week after week makes interesting statements regarding this conflict. Biden is generally on the side of Israel, but recent actions by the Israeli army have angered him, as he does not want to witness the killing of civilians day by day.

Joe Biden confirmed in one of his speeches his readiness to stop the war in Palestine and his intention to have hostages freed and returned home. Biden believes that Hamas is the main reason for the entire conflict and intends to create peace based on the absence of Hamas, which he considers a terrorist group. 

The intention is also to create security in Israel so that Hamas does not repeat the same actions in the future. 

The American president confirmed that Israel has offered a new proposal for a ceasefire and the release of hostages. 

Israel has made an interesting proposal, consisting of several phases. 

The first phase, probably the most crucial, would include a complete and permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza, the release of hostages, and the release of Palestinian prisoners. 

U.S. President Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden© Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Joe Biden also accentuated the humanitarian aid, expecting such assistance to come from 600 trucks arriving in Gaza daily. There has been a problem with humanitarian aid for a long time, creating a huge problem for Palestinians. Biden's priority is a ceasefire, believing that after that, aid could be distributed more safely and effectively. 

The American president talked about the second phase, believing that hostages would be returned, and a temporary ceasefire would begin. His intention is for Palestinians and Israelis to reconcile once and for all, hoping that such conflicts will not occur again.

Third Phase

The US president ultimately mentioned a third phase, which would involve the return of the mortal remains of hostages taken in Israel. This would put an end to this conflict that has truly claimed many human lives. Joe Biden wants to encourage Israeli leadership to carefully consider this and make the best decision, which is to support this agreement, regardless of any pressure that may arise. 

The US president has not forgotten the people of Israel, who do not know how to react in this difficult period. Families of the captives recently protested, frustrated by Netanyahu's actions. Their only desire is peace and for their loved ones to return home. However, the political leadership of Israel has entirely different intentions. 

Biden calls on the citizens of Israel to step back and understand what peace will bring. He is ready to stand by the people of Israel in the future as well. The US leader also urges Israel to attempt to restore friendly relations with neighboring countries, as this is the only guarantee for a positive future.

Israel is currently not very popular in the world, and its relations with many countries have worsened since the beginning of the war. Although the primary goal was to destroy Hamas, the large number of civilian casualties has changed Israel's image for many. The Israeli army has made numerous mistakes since the start of the conflict, which deserves condemnation.

On the other hand, Israelis emphasize that their intentions were not to kill civilians and that many situations were unpredictable. Netanyahu and the Israeli government emphasize that their priority is to destroy Hamas, a group that has been causing them problems for years.

Joe Biden emphasizes that now is the right moment for Hamas to show they're ready for peace, considering there haven't been such opportunities before. We will see if Hamas leaders will indeed agree to the conditions that have been set. The last thing they need is a continuation of this conflict, in which potentially a large number of civilians could die. However, Hamas leaders can be stubborn, and if they are not satisfied with the terms, it is certain that they will reject such a peace proposal.

"Israel has presented its proposal, and Hamas says it wants a ceasefire - this agreement is an opportunity to prove whether they really mean it. Hamas must accept the agreement," he said.

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