Iran's New Foreign Minister Visits Hezbollah: Proposed Alternative to Biden's Plan

Bagheri arrived in Beirut on Monday for his first visit abroad since being appointed interim minister following the death of Hussein Amir-Abdolahian in a helicopter crash

by Sededin Dedovic
Iran's New Foreign Minister Visits Hezbollah: Proposed Alternative to Biden's Plan
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Ali Bagheri, Iran's new acting foreign minister, held talks in Beirut with the leader of Hezbollah about proposed solutions to end the war between Israel and Hamas in Palestine, the Lebanese pro-Iranian group announced today.

Bagheri arrived in Beirut on Monday for his first foreign visit since being appointed interim minister after the death of Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in a helicopter crash that also killed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Hezbollah said in a statement that its leader received Bagheri and discussed "the latest political and security developments in the region, especially on the fronts in Gaza and Lebanon, and proposed solutions." US President Joe Biden on Friday presented a three-phase plan, which he called the Israeli plan, outlining how to end the war, secure the release of all hostages, and rebuild devastated Palestinian territories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet responded by announcing that his country is determined to continue the war until the Islamist organization Hamas is eliminated. On Monday, however, the White House and Biden hinted that the adoption of the plan now depends solely on Hamas.

An official statement by Hamas officials is expected today. Iran militarily and financially supports the Islamist Hezbollah, which opened a front on the border of Lebanon and Israel from the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip on October 7th to support Hamas, its Palestinian ally.

At a press conference last night, Bagheri, in response to a question about Iran's response to Biden's plan, said it would be better for Washington to stop its aid to Israel than to propose a ceasefire. He also suggested that he chose Lebanon for his first foreign trip because the country is the "cradle of resistance" to Israel.

After Lebanon, Bagheri traveled to Syria today, where he met "with leaders of Palestinian resistance organizations at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus," Iranian news agency Tasnim reported. He will be received by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose regime Tehran supports.