Putin: Nuclear Response Guaranteed if Threatened; US Presidency Irrelevant

In front of foreign media editors at the economic forum in St. Petersburg, the Russian president said that he is not interested in who will be the president of the USA and that the country is slowly dying from the inside

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin: Nuclear Response Guaranteed if Threatened; US Presidency Irrelevant
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Russian President Vladimir Putin, when asked about the risks of nuclear war due to Ukraine, warned that Russia could use all available means to defend itself if its sovereignty or territorial integrity were threatened. Putin says the West repeatedly accuses Russia of nuclear saber-rattling, but that this is wrong because it was the USA that used nuclear weapons against Japan in World War II.

Speaking to foreign media editors at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin said that Russia’s nuclear doctrine allows for the use of such weapons in response to certain threats, Reuters reports. “For some reason, the West believes that Russia will never use it,” Putin said.

“We have a nuclear doctrine, look at what it says there. If someone’s actions threaten our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we consider it possible to use all the means we have at our disposal. This should not be taken lightly or superficially,” he emphasized.

Russia doesn't care who the next US president will be

Putin also said that Russia doesn’t care who the next US president will be because it likely won’t change anything for Moscow, but he noted that the US judicial system is clearly being used for political battle against Donald Trump.

He accused the Biden administration, the largest supplier of military equipment to Ukraine, of making mistake after mistake or "burning" the American political system and global leadership. “In essence, we don’t care who wins,” Putin said when Reuters asked him if he believes the outcome of the US elections will mean anything for Moscow.

“We don’t consider the final result to be of significant importance to us. We will work with any president chosen by the American people”.

In this photo provided by the German Government Press Office (BPA), Donald Trump, President of the USA (C) meets Vladimir Putin,© Handout / Getty Images

Trump's previous term damaged US-Russia relations, he said, and it is difficult to say if anything would be different this time if he wins the elections in November.

“We never had any special relationship with Mr. Trump, but the fact remains that he started imposing severe sanctions on Russia, withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty,” Putin said.

Putin: The US is ‘burning itself from the inside’

However, Putin did not rule out a change in policy if, as he said, Washington starts looking at its own national interests.

“No one in the US is interested in Ukraine; they are interested in the welfare of the United States, which is not fighting for Ukraine and Ukrainians, but for its own welfare”. The Russian leader said it is clear that Trump’s political opponents have used the US judicial system to harm his election chances, a strategy he said does not work.

“They are burning themselves from the inside, their state, their political system... It is obvious worldwide that the prosecution of Trump, especially based on charges for events from many years ago, without direct evidence, is the use of the judicial system in the internal political battle,” Putin said, as reported by Al Jazeera.

"We will target countries that supply weapons to Ukraine"

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated yesterday that if the West allows Ukraine to attack Russia again with high-tech long-range missiles, Russia is considering deploying weapons that could target the countries that supplied them.

“If the West allows Ukraine to do this, it will undermine international relations and international security. If the West allows Ukraine to attack Russia with missiles like 'Storm Shadow' or 'Atacms,' Russia will strengthen its air defense,” Putin said, adding that Russia reserves the right to respond “in the same way” as the countries that are “drawing into the war against Russia,” reports the Russian state news agency RIA.

‘A dangerous step’

Putin, at a meeting with representatives of international news agencies, his first conversation with foreign journalists after being re-elected president, assessed that “those who supply weapons also manage them and thus take a very dangerous step”.

“Delivering weapons to the conflict zone is always a bad thing. This is a very serious and very dangerous step,” Putin said on Wednesday at a meeting with representatives of international news agencies, adding that “German tanks in Ukraine were a moral shock for the Russians”.

“If German missiles attack Russia, it would destroy relations between Russia and Germany,” Putin said. He said he “understands” why Germany depends on the United States and added that after World War II, West Germany was not an independent state.

Putin stated that the more the German economy declines, the more “upheavals” there will be in the European Union and all of Europe. “The German economy is the largest in Europe, and if it gets sick, it will affect the rest of the European Union.

The German economy, everyone knows this well, without offense to other Europeans, but it is the locomotive of the European economy; it will sneeze and cough, and all other countries will get the flu,” Putin said. He stated that the delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine represents direct interference in the conflict.