Joe Biden: I Think Netanyahu Listens to Me, Because They Didn't Do What They Planned

Biden focused on Gaza, emphasizing his desire for peace in the region.

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden: I Think Netanyahu Listens to Me, Because They Didn't Do What They Planned
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For quite some time, the relationship between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been fairly good. The US has traditionally provided strong support to Israel, which was further emphasized after Hamas's attack on Israel in October 2023. However, the recent escalation of violence and the high number of civilian casualties among Palestinians have led to a change in the United States' policy towards Israel.

The brutality and high number of civilian casualties resulting from Israeli military actions have raised concerns and criticisms from the American administration. It has become clear that Americans fear for the safety of civilians in Palestine and condemn the high number of civilian casualties. Therefore, there has been a shift in stance, emphasizing that Israel must take concrete steps to protect civilians and reduce the number of civilian casualties.

This does not mean an end to American support for Israel, but it underscores the importance of changing policy regarding human rights issues and civilian protection. American leaders believe that Israel must review its military operations and practices to ensure greater protection of civilians. 

To potentially improve the situation, there have been statements and remarks from US President Joe Biden, emphasizing the priority of halting the conflict in Gaza. President Biden delivered a speech during his visit to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Biden also addressed the war in Ukraine, expressing readiness to support Ukrainians. It seems that Biden faces a challenging task of balancing policy on both fronts.

In his address, President Biden reiterated the urgency of ending the violence in Gaza.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, President Biden reaffirmed the United States' commitment to supporting Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression. He promised continued assistance to the Ukrainian people, both diplomatically and militarily, in their struggle for peace and stability.

At the beginning, Biden focused on Gaza, emphasizing his desire for peace in the region. The offensive in Rafah has created chaos, with many civilians killed. Few expected the Israelis to actually take such action, but their policy towards Palestine is indeed alarming

“We have to get a ceasefire,” he said, as quoted by Newarab.

In an interview with ABC, Biden said that he thinks that Netanyahu is listening to him in these moments. Joe Biden pointed out that the intention of the Israelis was to enter Rafah in full force, go to the city, and to end everything in a short period of time. The US president confirmed that the Israelis did not do this.

"They were going to go into Rafah full bore — invade all of Rafah, go into the city, take it out, move with full force. They haven’t done that," Biden says.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu
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Biden indicated that Netanyahu has publicly stated his commitment to upholding the hostage deal proposal presented by Israel last week. He mentioned that European allies are also involved in the process and emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire.

He further explained that Israel has agreed to a significant agreement, contingent upon Hamas accepting it. This means that progress has been made in negotiations, but the outcome depends on Hamas's response to the proposal.

The US president, when asked if the offer was supported by other Arab countries, emphasized that we will have to wait and see, highlighting that the situation is difficult.

Joe Biden and his role

Being the President of the US is one of the toughest and most challenging positions in the world, where every move and every statement made by President Biden produces reactions worldwide. Managing foreign policy, military actions, economic policies, and domestic issues requires deep reflection and consideration of considerable factors.

Joe Biden
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From the very beginning of his term, President Biden has faced challenges that have tested his ability to lead the country. Criticism received due to the war in Ukraine and conflicts in Palestine is just a part of that picture. Many are divided in their opinions about his actions: While some believe he could have done more to protect civilians in Palestine, others emphasize the importance of supporting Israel in its fight against terrorism.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Biden faces pressure to continue supporting Ukrainians in their struggle for sovereignty. At the same time, he must carefully balance relations with Russia and NATO member states to prevent further escalation of the conflict.

There is apprehension about Vladimir Putin and his future actions. Many are aware that Putin does not hesitate to make unpopular moves to achieve his goals. Hoping that the Russian leadership has a shred of reason in difficult moments for Europe and the world. Everyone's wish is a bright future for the world and Europe.

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