Germany Updates War Plans for the First Time Since the Cold War: Published Document

The document states that, in case of war, military service will be returned, and much more, the document has 67 pages

by Sededin Dedovic
Germany Updates War Plans for the First Time Since the Cold War: Published Document
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Germany has updated its plans in case of war in Europe, for the first time since the Cold War. A 67-page document, known as the "Framework Directive for Total Defense," was released this week, outlining the complete transformation of everyday life for German citizens in the event of war, according to CNN.

The document states that, in the event of war, military service will be reinstated, qualified workers over the age of 18 could be assigned to specific jobs such as those in bakeries and post offices, and they may be prohibited from quitting.

Doctors, psychologists, nurses, and veterinarians, according to the document, would work in military and civilian services.

The government will create food reserves

In case of food shortages, the government will create food reserves to provide citizens with "one hot meal a day." Reserves would include foods such as rice, legumes, and condensed milk.

Other key resources such as gasoline and oil could also be rationed with coupons if they become scarce. It's time for multitasking and new ways of working, playing, and staying fit on all Samsung Galaxy devices.
Civil protection measures are also mentioned, including converting underground stations into improvised bunkers and preparing hospitals for an influx of patients.

German Interior Minister Nancy Fazer stated that it is necessary for the country to better arm itself considering Russian aggression.

New army (Heer) recruits of the Bundeswehr, Germanys armed forces, patrol during basic training in a forest on November 29, 2022© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

"Russian aggression has completely changed the security situation in Europe, primarily among our eastern partners in the EU and NATO, such as the Baltic states, but also due to hybrid threats such as cyber attacks, espionage, and disinformation," she said.

Hospitals must be prepared

"Besides all the protective measures of our security agencies and military deterrence and defense, we must additionally strengthen civil protection." The document warns that German hospitals must be prepared to treat a large number of patients for an extended period.

Also, in the event of war, the German population cannot count on "state-organized assistance" to be immediately provided, due to the possibility "that damage could simultaneously occur at a large number of locations." Therefore, as the document states, civilians must be prepared to first help themselves and provide assistance to their neighbors where possible.

Basements, underground parking lots, and metro stations should be used as temporary bunkers, the document states. German broadcasters and digital media will be legally required to immediately share important government information.

Authorities will have the power to evacuate civilians to certain areas but should not separate families. Although German meteorological services are expected to continue in emergencies, authorities could prohibit or restrict the publication of forecasts.

"We must be prepared for war by 2029"

Germany's updated war plans come after Putin's threats to European security. The war in Ukraine has been going on for the second year, with no end in sight, and there is growing fear that the conflict could spread to NATO.

German Der Spiegel published a statement from Defense Minister Boris Pistorius: "We must be prepared for war by 2029. We must not believe that Putin will stop at the Ukrainian borders."

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius addresses troops of Panzergrenadierbataillon 122, a mechanized infantry unit of the Bund© Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Pistorius is expected to present his proposal for a model of mandatory military service in Germany on Wednesday.

Mandatory military service was abolished in 2011 and its reintroduction in Germany has sparked controversy. Namely, the German Ministry of Defense plans to significantly strengthen the reserve component of the military force to 60,000 men and women, said a senior reserve component official.

"War is approaching"

"I am convinced that we must fully adapt reserves to current security challenges in order to adequately support the Bundeswehr in fulfilling tasks of national and allied (NATO) defense," said Lieutenant General Andreas Hope, Deputy Inspector General and Commissioner for Reserve Affairs.

Additionally, a part of the British government has expressed the need to be prepared for war. Former British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in February that "war is coming" to Britain by the end of the decade. Recall that Russia has issued some of the harshest warnings to the West in recent weeks after some Ukrainian allies allowed Kiev to use its weapons to attack limited targets within Russian territory.

Putin on Wednesday described the provision of Western weapons as "a very serious and dangerous step." The Russian leader specifically pointed to the breakdown of relations between Russia and Germany. He claims that the appearance of German tanks in Ukraine resulted in a "moral, ethical shock" because the "attitude towards Germany in Russian society has always been very good, very good." "Now, when they say that some more rockets will appear that will hit targets on Russian territory, this, of course, ultimately destroys Russian-German relations," he added.