China: USA is a Security Threat in the Region

The US decision to deploy medium-range missile formations in the area caused strong reactions in China

by Sededin Dedovic
China: USA is a Security Threat in the Region
© Ezra Acayan / Getty Images

The United States is the greatest security challenge in the South China Sea (international waters that China illegally claims as its own territory) because by deploying its military and weapons, it is causing a "vortex of an arms race," Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Sun Weidong stated.

Recent maritime disputes between China and the Philippines, a US ally, have turned the strategically important South China Sea into a potential flashpoint for conflict between Washington and Beijing, Reuters reports. "The greatest security challenge in the South China Sea at this moment comes from outside the region," Sun said after a high-level meeting on East Asian cooperation in Laos, his ministry announced.

Sun added that US-led forces "promote military deployments and actions in the South China Sea, encouraging and intensifying maritime disputes, and harming the legitimate rights and interests of coastal countries." The US decision to deploy intermediate-range missile systems in the area, he added, "draws the region into a vortex of an arms race, casting the entire Asia-Pacific region into the shadow of geopolitical conflicts." China is committed to appropriately resolving disputes with parties in the South China Sea through dialogue, stated Sun Weidong.

Philippines Ready to Defend Its Zone of Interest

In April, during a meeting with American allies, the Philippines said it is determined to defend its sovereign rights in the South China Sea, accusing China of escalating “harassment” of the Philippines.

China claims nearly the entire South China Sea, through which maritime trade worth billions of dollars passes annually, and has deployed hundreds of coast guard ships up to a thousand kilometers from the mainland to monitor waters it considers its jurisdiction.

The Philippines and China have been disputing areas within the Philippine economic zone over the past year. China regularly accuses the Philippines of violating its rights, while Manila and its allies condemn Chinese aggression.

The US supports the Philippines. After Ukraine, the USA once again proved that it has the will and power to protect the weaker.