Putin: There are 700,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the current period is difficult

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today that almost 700,000 Russian soldiers are stationed in the special operations zone in Ukraine, emphasizing Russia's efforts to protect the occupied Ukrainian territories

by Sededin Dedovic
Putin: There are 700,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, the current period is difficult
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In the special operations zone in Ukraine, there are almost 700,000 Russian soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today, emphasizing that the soldiers fighting in the Kharkiv direction are honorably fulfilling the tasks set before them, reports Kyiv Independent.

Putin stressed that Russia will consider how to protect its settlements if the adversary continues to target them. "If the adversary continues to do what it has been doing so far, we will think about how to proceed further in order to protect our cities and settlements," Putin said, as reported by Sputnik ( pro-Putin news Agency).

He emphasized that Russia is forced to move the front line in the Kharkiv direction to reduce attacks on Belgorod. According to him, the current period is difficult but very important for Russia because it has united the entire country.

"There has almost never been a period of absolute prosperity in Russia. Our country has always strengthened by going through trials and difficulties, and there have always been people who did not spare themselves and made a deep decision within themselves to serve their homeland, to defend it," Putin said.

He declared that it is impossible to defeat Russia because its strength lies in unity. "Our country is multinational and multi-confessional, but as long as we feel like one family, we are invincible. That is our strength, which no one can overcome.

And we must preserve that," Putin said. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated today that he will "immediately order a ceasefire and start negotiations as soon as Kyiv begins the withdrawal of troops" from Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, and informs that it is abandoning its NATO membership plans.

By doing so, Putin essentially demanded Ukraine's surrender, whose goal is the defense of territorial integrity and sovereignty. Ukraine rejected the ceasefire proposal presented by Russian President Putin today as "manipulative" and "absurd," which is based on the idea that Kyiv should begin withdrawing its troops from the four Ukrainian regions that Moscow illegally annexed in 2022 and abandon its plans to join NATO.

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