Dozens killed in Israeli airstrikes: Israeli minister Gallant travels to Washington

"The Israeli army has bombed several residential buildings occupied by residents and displaced people in Gaza neighborhoods, killing 40 Palestinians."

by Sead Dedovic
Dozens killed in Israeli airstrikes: Israeli minister Gallant travels to Washington
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Several Palestinian children and women were killed and injured during the night in Israeli airstrikes on residential buildings in the city of Gaza. While many expected the situation in Palestine to improve month by month and calm down, the situation, on the contrary, remains worse, which cannot inspire optimism. 

Following another attack, there have been reactions from around the world strongly condemning such an assault. 

Witnesses nearby reported that warplanes bombed two houses. The wounded and deceased were immediately transported to the hospital. The Gaza Civil Defense confirmed that the attack occurred in the Al-Shati and Dabait areas.

"Our teams in Gaza Governorate responded to a distress call following the Israeli occupation's targeting of two occupied homes in the Al-Shati and Dabait areas of Gaza City," -they said, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Mahmoud Basal, the spokesperson for the Civil Defense, stated in an interview with Anadolu that the Israeli army bombed several buildings where residents and displaced people lived in Gaza. According to his reports, 40 Palestinians were killed.

"The Israeli army has bombed several residential buildings occupied by residents and displaced people in Gaza neighborhoods, killing 40 Palestinians, including children and women, injuring dozens, and leaving people missing under the rubble."

He further emphasized that they targeted buildings in Al-Shati Camp, Al-Tuffah, Al-Shuja'iyya, and Al-Zaytoun neighborhoods. Such a situation raises great concern among Palestinians, who endure bombings day after day. Since the beginning of this conflict in October last year, according to some reports, 37,500 people have died and 85,900 have been injured. 

Since Hamas launched an attack on Israel, this neighboring country has responded fiercly, prepared to destroy Hamas. 

While leaders of major countries do not blame Israel for wanting to destroy Hamas, the main problem is that Israelis are killing innocent civilians day by day. The number of casualties is truly shocking, and this figure could rise in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Basal confirmed that teams are giving their maximum trying to extract people from the rubble of the buildings. Despite lacking modern technology and resources to expedite such work, their desire to save human lives is huge. Israelis have stated they bombed two houses belonging to Hamas. It's difficult to prove with certainty the sincerity behind explanations and certain statements, but Israelis have no intention of ending their policy and plans.

Yoav Gallant is going on a visit to the USA

Despite everything, Israelis want to demonstrate their readiness for peace. 

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant traveled to Washington today to meet with key political figures in America regarding the Gaza conflict and potential solutions. The US has firmly stood by Israel since the beginning of the war but has criticized the Israeli government and military actions in many instances due to the number of civilian casualties. 

Yoav Gallant
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Despite these criticisms, the US government has no intention of withdrawing its support for Israel and remains committed to standing by them until the end. 

Of particular concern is the conflict between Hezbollah and Israeli forces, as Hezbollah shows no intention of ceasing attacks until Israel concludes its operation in Gaza. Before departing for Washington, Gallant emphasized his readiness for any action in Gaza, Lebanon, or elsewhere. Gallant will meet with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and certainly, a lot of issues will be discussed, focusing on the future of Israel and the world.

Americans have previously expressed concern that a war could erupt between Israel and Hezbollah. This would only prolong the crisis in the Middle East and create massive problems for all parties involved. American officials are particularly concerned that Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel's missile defense systems, including their Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. They are especially worried because Israel itself has voiced concerns about this possibility.

Hezbollah is a dangerous group, prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve its goals. Since the beginning of the war, they have strongly criticized Israel, opposing their policies and actions in the Gaza Strip. However, Israelis have remained deaf to warnings from the world, including those from Hezbollah. This group, in turn, has no intention of remaining silent and is ready to react at any moment. Just a few weeks ago, Hezbollah released a video showing a drone attacking and damaging an Iron Dome battery in Israel.

We will see how far this group is willing to go and whether they will indeed adopt a policy of attacking Israel. This would certainly be a red flag for everyone, indicating potentially even greater problems and conflicts in the Middle East. The situation is far from positive, but there is hope that discussions among political figures from all sides can result in peace.