Macron Warns of Civil War and Conflict if Extremes Win French Elections

French President Emmanuel Macron has issued a stark warning that a victory for either the far-left or far-right in the upcoming snap parliamentary elections could potentially lead to a civil war in France

by Sededin Dedovic
Macron Warns of Civil War and Conflict if Extremes Win French Elections
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French President Emmanuel Macron warned today that a victory for the far left or the far right in the snap parliamentary elections could trigger a “civil war” in the country. Macron stated that the far-left coalition “Unsubmissive” and the far-right National Rally led by Marine Le Pen pursued divisive politics that heightened tensions.

The far-right's response to insecurity “reduces people to their religion or origin” and thus “pushes people towards civil war,” Macron said in an interview with the podcast “Generation, Do It Yourself,” as reported by Politico.

The far left, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, incites divisions for campaign purposes, “which also promotes civil war by reducing people to their religious or ethnic group,” Macron added, noting that the “Unsubmissive” tries to attract Muslim voters with its critical stance on the Israeli war in Gaza.

The French president caused alarm not only in France but throughout Europe when he called for snap elections after his coalition was convincingly defeated by the National Rally in the European elections. Recent polls show that the National Rally will win 35% of the votes in the first round on June 30, ahead of the left-wing alliance with 27%, and Macron's coalition with 19%.

: Leader of Frances National Rally (RN) Marine Le Pen during a meeting of populist far-right party leaders© Gabriel Kuchta / Getty Images

In recent days, allies of the French president have warned about the risks France faces if voters turn to the far right or the far left, particularly pointing out the risk of economic upheaval.

Today, Macron went a step further, warning of the possibility of “conflict and civil war”. “When you are fed up and everyday life is hard, you can be tempted to vote for extremes that offer quicker solutions, but the solution will never be to reject others,” Macron said.

President Emmanuel Macron shocked the nation by dissolving the National Assembly earlier this month after failing in the European Parliament elections. France could face civil unrest and election-related violence, said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin on Monday, as the campaign enters the final week before the first round of voting.

Gerald Darmanin, French Interior Minister© Gerald Darmanin / Youtube channel

“It is possible that there will be extremely strong tensions,” Darmanin told RTL radio, adding that authorities are preparing for a “very volatile” situation.

The elections are being held less than a month before the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The Fate of the President

Many voters see the elections as a referendum on the fate of a president once considered capable of overcoming political divisions but whose rating has fallen after several political crises.

“I trust you,” Macron told voters in a “letter to the French,” published on Sunday, in which he tried to portray his camp, trailing behind the far right and the newly formed leftist alliance in polls, as the last hope for stability.

“I am not blind: I am aware of democratic weaknesses,” he emphasized. Macron also reiterated that he would remain in office until the end of his term in 2027 regardless of the election outcome. The French constitution supports his position as president.

He reiterated this at a press conference, saying that the prospect of his resignation “never existed”. Macron also announced that France had suspended the planned electoral reform on its overseas territory of New Caledonia.

The South Pacific archipelago has been the scene of major unrest in recent weeks due to this plan, resulting in several deaths, with forces deployed from France on the islands.

The French Right Presents Program Ahead of Parliamentary Elections

The French far right reassured on Monday that it is ready to govern France, six days before the first round of the snap parliamentary elections, which are extremely significant and even more uncertain.

Jordan Bardella, the young president of the National Rally (RN), said while presenting the program of the far-right party that it is “ready to govern,” and pre-election polls predict it could win between 35.5% and 36% of the votes, according to AFP.

According to him, RN - recognized by its leader Marine Le Pen - is “the only movement that can immediately and reasonably implement the aspirations of the French”. Bardella (28) aims to become the new Prime Minister of France.

Current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, however, believes that RN “is not ready to govern” because it is “an opposition, not a government party,” as he stated for French radio Europe 1. In presenting the program on Monday, Bardella insisted on a “great burst of authority” in French schools, starting from September.

He announced a ban on students using mobile phones in schools, strengthening teacher authority, and experimenting with wearing uniforms. He said that if his party comes to power, France will continue to support Ukraine but will oppose sending long-range missiles and French troops to that country.

Bardella also said there would be no French recognition of the Palestinian state, as it would mean “recognition of terrorism”. For the possible victory of the left-wing alliance New Popular Front, which polls suggest could gain between 27% and 29.5% support from the French electorate, Bardella said it would bring an explosion of immigration and a deep economic crisis.

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