Joe Biden administration leans toward allowing US military contractors in Ukraine

Joe Biden is a cautious leader, aware that his every move is closely monitored.

by Sead Dedovic
Joe Biden administration leans toward allowing US military contractors in Ukraine
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Since the war in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, Joe Biden and his administration are seriously considering their next steps. What many speculate, and what could become reality, is that the USA will send American military contractors to Ukraine. Although Biden has been against this, and still is, such an option could materialize in the near future. Four American officials, speaking to CNN, highlighted that the Biden administration is seriously considering lifting the ban on American military contractors deploying to Ukraine. 

One official confirmed that no decision has been made yet, and it's early to discuss it, emphasizing that the American president is firm in his stance against sending troops.

If approval indeed comes through, the change could take effect this year, after which the Pentagon would contract American companies to work in Ukraine. This would greatly aid Ukrainians by providing personnel to repair and maintain their armed systems. Since Ukrainians cannot match Russians in this aspect, such assistance would be crucial for the war's continuation. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, has emphasized the importance of allies on multiple occasions. The USA has been a key ally of Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's invasion, assisting in the conflict.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden
Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden© Drew Angerer/Getty Images News

Joe Biden is a cautious leader, aware that his every move is closely monitored, but also aware that every wrong move could have catastrophic consequences not only for his country but also for the whole world. Conducting politics at a time when the President of Russia is Vladimir Putin is challenging. The Russian leader is a persona with a rigid attitude and someone who does not give in under pressure. This is best demonstrated by the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is also a difficult person to cooperate with, therefore it is difficult to expect positive things in the USA-Russia and Russia-Ukraine relations.

The American president is adamant that American soldiers are not sent to Ukraine, aware of the consequences that could follow. Although there are speculations and rumors that American soldiers are already stationed in Ukraine, the American president has proven and intends to prove that this is false information. 

Not for a single moment did Biden think about such an option, and the question is whether he will pursue such a policy in the future. The course of the war in Ukraine dictates everything, including Joe Biden's decisions. Much will depend on the situation in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians faced many problems since the beginning of the war, and one of the problems was the lack of weapons, as well as the impossibility of working on systems and broken military equipment. The Ukrainians had to find their way and try to solve this problem in various ways, sending military equipment to NATO countries for repair. 

Americans are open to helping this country in various ways. The Americans still don't want to directly help with the organization of the system and logistics, preferring to use video chat or some other way. Given that the Russians have made progress and are doing well on the front, the Americans are worried and aware that it would be necessary to take steps that would enable the Americans to repair military equipment in Ukraine. The current situation is not alarming, but it could become so in the coming period. Ukrainians must not waste time, because every lost minute could cost them.

Joe Biden and his stances

It is known that Joe Biden softened some of the positions, helping Ukraine. After the USA did not allow the Ukrainians to attack targets inside Russia, after some time, aware of the chaotic situation, they gave the green light for such a thing. Wars are such that from week to week it is necessary to make concrete moves and change attitudes, with the intention of adaptation and final victory. 

Military officers believe that with such a move, the USA would make things easier for Ukraine and take a big step towards a positive future. Americans consider Ukrainians to be allies. 

The challenging thing in the whole story is that any involvement of the USA can lead to huge consequences, and drawing certain conclusions requires deep analysis and a long period.

Joe Biden still hasn't said anything concrete, as he still sticks to the same position as before. The coming weeks and months could reveal whether there will be a policy change when it comes to the USA leader. Biden does not want to see Putin on the throne, nor to see him achieve victory in Ukraine. Such an outcome would only worsen the situation in the world and cause an even deeper crisis.

Ukrainians are doing well for now, optimistic that they will continue to receive help from the USA and other allies.

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