North Korea is sending engineering troops to the occupied territory of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin seeks to maintain his ground with the help of some countries and intends to be a leader in years ahead of us.

by Sead Dedovic
North Korea is sending engineering troops to the occupied territory of Ukraine
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It is known that North Korea and Russia have had strong relations for a long time, and their ties have been particularly strengthened recently. North Korean President Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met, and Putin decided to gift Aurus, a Russian limousine, to the North Korean president. 

The Russian president visited the capital of North Korea, marking his first visit in years. At a time when war rages in Ukraine, Putin seeks allies like North Korea, aware of limited support worldwide. 

The North Korean president responded diplomatically, and South Korean TV channel TV Chosun highlighted that North Korea will send military construction and engineering forces to participate in "reconstruction works" in the occupied Donetsk region as early as July 2024. 

The goal is to rebuild infrastructure in Donetsk. Such work could bring North Korea significant revenue, potentially up to $115 million annually. 

According to foreign media reports, Russia is seeking to strengthen alliances on all fronts worldwide. Putin pursues a similar policy to former leaders of the USSR. Faced with opposition from the USA, France, the UK, and other major countries, Putin must find a solution and the right approach. 

As local media report, the most crucial point is that North Korean authorities have no intention of sending soldiers to fight on Russia's behalf. Whether this is a response from Putin and Kim Jong Un to potential moves by Joe Biden, who seeks to make a similar move, remains to be seen.

Joe Biden and his ideas

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Joe Biden and his administration could send American military contractors to Ukraine to assist the country facing huge challenges. Biden's administration is aware of the urgency for Ukrainians, and providing military equipment to a NATO country implies a lengthy process. Russians could exploit any Ukrainian shortcomings, underscoring the importance of such contractors in Ukraine. 

Joe Biden
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Vladimir Putin will certainly not stand idly by, and the partnership with North Korea and this potential deal could be a response. Although Joe Biden has rejected sending military contractors, those close to him suggest that such a scenario could become a reality in the future. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, continues to call for help daily, hoping to finally put an end to this war.

As we've mentioned before, Vladimir Putin is increasingly losing sympathy and partners. It can be said that all major powers in the world are not happy with his policies and have no intention of fostering good relations with the Russian leader. Russian diplomacy is trying in every way to find partners, seek solutions to the internal crisis, and achieve its goals regarding this war. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine extends the crisis not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, which has been under enormous sanctions since the beginning of the war. Such a situation and atmosphere are the last things Russian citizens wanted to see. 

Vladimir Putin needs partnerships

Vladimir Putin seeks to maintain his ground with the help of some countries and intends to be a leader in years ahead of us, resolving the issue of the winner in Ukraine. He faces a tough task ahead, given that Ukrainians have a large number of partners who are essentially the main reason why Ukraine continues to resist and performs relatively well on the front lines at this moment.

Vladimir Putin
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During his recent visit to North Korea, the Russian president engaged in discussions with Kim Jong Un on various topics. They took a ride in a park and paused at one point to begin a conversation. While it's unclear what the main topic of their discussion was, it is likely related to the war in Ukraine and how Russia aims to achieve its wartime objectives. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin share many similarities, and many were not surprised by this partnership. The policies pursued by both leaders are, in one respect, quite authoritarian yet quite similar. Political experts and analysts believe that these two presidents have numerous points of common interest, which enables the durability of such a partnership.

Russia is currently doing well in Ukraine, but they have not been able to make much progress lately. Ukrainians have priority for now to defend themselves and show their teeth. In the coming period, they could launch an offensive. The situation is now calm, quiet, and there are not too many indications of what could happen. The leaders of both countries create certain plans with the intention of achieving the goal. Citizens are the ones who suffer the most, especially from the Ukrainian side.

It is necessary to take smart steps in the coming period in order to make this war a thing of the past.

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