Serbia: Gendarmerie officer shot with crossbow bolt in front of Israeli embassy

The gendarmerie member managed to retaliate and shoot at the attacker.

by Sead Dedovic
Serbia: Gendarmerie officer shot with crossbow bolt in front of Israeli embassy
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The situation in the world is becoming tense, and the best confirmation of this are the incidents and scandals happening everywhere. We are once again receiving tragic news, this time from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. 

According to Klix, a tragic event occurred today in Belgrade when a man, for reasons yet to be determined, approached a member of the gendarmerie who was in a booth in front of the Israeli embassy in Belgrade and shot him in the neck with a crossbow.

The report further states that after being wounded, the gendarmerie member managed to retaliate and shoot at the attacker, after which the attacker died from his injuries. 

The most important thing is that the police officer was transported in a conscious state, where an operation will be performed to remove the arrow from his neck. 

Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Ivica Dačić stated that the person who committed this act shot the gendarmerie member with a crossbow while he was on duty securing the Israeli embassy.

"It has been determined that the perpetrator of the terrorist attack is Miloš Žujović (25), known by his religious name Salahudin, a convert from Mladenovac who moved to live in Novi Pazar. As part of the continuing operation, the police will conduct searches at several locations, and all our forces are on the highest level of alert," said Minister Dačić.

Ivica Dačić
Ivica Dačić© Joerg Koch/Getty Images News

The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, also decided to reveal details in an interview with the media, emphasizing that the operation was successfully performed and praising the reaction of the gendarmerie member, Miloš Jevremović

"The operation was successfully carried out. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he fired an arrow and hit Miloš Jevremović in the neck. He incredibly skillfully, but in a serious and responsible manner, eliminated the terrorist. What was most important was his restraint from removing the arrow from his neck, as it would have been fatal. It required incredible discipline," said President Vučić, reports Telegraf.

The President of Serbia admitted that individuals involved in this incident had been under surveillance for seven to eight days. They were part of an extremist circle, and there was concern that they might commit a similar act. Unfortunately, Serbian police and intelligence services failed to track the movements of the person who committed the crime this morning, which ultimately could have led to another fatal outcome.

"He eliminated the terrorist and waited for the police and emergency medical services. He is now in very good condition, and we do not expect any serious complications. There are a few more individuals we are searching for; one person is currently not accessible to us, but we know they are within Serbian territory. I want to inform you that they were under surveillance, and the plan was to arrest them in 7 to 8 days; that's how long the prosecutor needed to gather evidence. These individuals were involved in extremist circles and were monitored due to terrorism concerns. It was known that the main terrorist had come last night to visit his mother, which led to the loss of surveillance, and unfortunately, this incident occurred this morning," added Vučić.

The President of Serbia summarized that the continued operation aims to ensure security and safety. He commended the commanders and police for Miloš Jevremović's commendable actions, stressing that he will receive recognition upon his hospital release. The individuals involved were under surveillance due to their illegal activities, and the authorities were unaware of the potential for such an incident. 

The operation is scheduled to continue for four days to apprehend all suspects and secure public safety. Efforts are currently focused on chasing them, using strategic methods expected to lead to their capture soon. The president emphasized the importance of Miloš's safety, stressing his honorable response during the crisis. He repeated a firm stance against terrorism, emphasizing that no leniency will be shown.

The director of the Clinic for Emergency Surgery at the University Clinical Center of Serbia reacts

Professor Pavle Gregorić, Director of the Clinic for Emergency Surgery at the University Clinical Center of Serbia emphasizes that the most important thing is that the operation was completed and that it was successful. The surgeons did a great job, and the crossbow was removed. His condition is stable, and they emphasize that they will monitor his progress in the coming days.

"What is vital is that he has been cared for, the operation is complete, he is stable, and has been transferred to intensive care for further treatment. Vascular surgeons have performed their job perfectly. Soft tissues and neck muscles were injured, and the crossbow bolt has been removed. The patient is stable and ready. We will continue to monitor him closely in the intensive care unit," said Professor Pavle Gregorić said.