Belarusian military chief: We are prepared and know how to use nuclear weapons

'The country will be ready to use non-strategic nuclear weapons if its sovereignty and independence are threatened.'

by Sead Dedovic
Belarusian military chief: We are prepared and know how to use nuclear weapons
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It is known that Belarus has been on Russia's side since the beginning of the war, openly showing support for Vladimir Putin and his regime. Belarusian authorities firmly stand with the Russian leader, believing he is doing the right thing. 

Recent events in a series have caused concern. Specifically, following tensions on the Belarus-Ukraine border, threats of possible nuclear weapon use have emerged from Belarus. Pavel Muraveiko, Chief of the General Staff of the country's armed forces, emphasized that Belarusians will take radical actions if they feel threatened.

Pavel Muraveiko said, 'The country will be ready to use non-strategic nuclear weapons if its sovereignty and independence are threatened.'

In his speech, Muraveiko admitted that Belarusians know how to handle nuclear weapons and are prepared to take such actions if the situation requires it. Belarusians aren't happy with the actions of Ukrainians, who have deployed their forces along their border, ready to create tension and additional tensions. 

Colonel Vadim Lukasevich believes that such moves create additional tension, as Ukrainians intend to carry out terrorist actions and sabotage. This will only exacerbate relations between Ukraine and Belarus, which have not been ideal for some time.

"The situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border is characterized by escalating tensions."- Lukasevich said.

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has made explicit statements since the beginning of the war revealing that he is aligned with Vladimir Putin. Lukashenko and Putin have maintained good relations for a long time, and it is expected that this practice will continue. 

Lukashenko and Putin
Lukashenko and Putin© Handout / Getty Images

Belarusians have no intention of getting involved in this conflict, although they allow Russians to conduct exercises on their soil. 

Lukashenko also confirmed that many tactical nuclear weapons from Russia are deployed in Belarus. The cooperation between these two leaders raises pessimism and concern among world leaders, given that both leaders share similar views that do not bring about positive outcomes.

Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko have frequently met during this war to discuss important topics that could determine the future of these two countries. The two famous leaders intend to foster positive relations in the future. Both want to see a scenario where Russia celebrates in Ukraine and begins a new phase of history. However, such a scenario does not currently seem realistic.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will meet with Vladimir Putin in a few days. He emphasized that he is looking forward to talking to him, considering the numerous of problems they are facing. Many believe that the Belarusian president is talking about the Ukrainian army and their deployment on the border.

"We have very much to discuss with him [Russia’s Putin]. We are currently facing numerous problems and there are common issues, too, that we will need to address," Lukashenko said

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stresses that Ukraine wants to involve Belarus in the war and provoke a response from them. Lukashenko views the situation as critical and believes that they cannot remain silent at this moment. Belarusians certainly do not want to see a scenario where Ukrainians attack them or involve them in the war in any other way. Belarusian authorities are aware that this could have catastrophic consequences for their country.

"They are itching to get us involved in some conflict in order to spread us thin along this border and make our resistance impossible and drive the escalation to such an extent that the entire world will shudder. The situation is very serious and we absolutely cannot let our guard down," he said, as quoted by taas.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Alexander Lukashenko

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy did not comment or react to the words of the Belarusian president. Lukashenko recently revealed an interesting thing in a media interview. Namely, the Belarusian leader revealed  that Zelenskyy wanted to talk to him and establish diplomatic relations. Lukashenko agreed to talks that were going positively. However, after the US became involved in the whole situation, Belarusians decided to halt any negotiations. Although Ukrainians wanted to resume talks with Belarus, Lukashenko emphasizes that they decided to stop negotiations after everything that happened.

It is difficult for these two countries to ever establish positive relations because the events so far do not give optimism that this will happen. Vladimir Putin is a leader who does not have many allies, and an ally like Belarus can certainly be important to him.

Putin is strengthening relations with North Korea, China and other countries, hoping that they can help him when it comes to the future of war. The Russian president is aware that it will be difficult to endure this war if he does not have real allies.

Most of the world is directed against him and his policies, which is a huge problem for Putin.