Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlights 14 unarmed brigades, responds to Trump's statements

Joe Biden, the US president, pointed out that he will never give up his support for Ukraine.

by Sead Dedovic
Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlights 14 unarmed brigades, responds to Trump's statements
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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy isn't happy with the situation on the front line, especially concerning the slow delivery of weapons. Zelenskyy has been highlighting this issue for months, emphasizing its critical impact on Ukrainians, but it seems that no one is willing to listen to the Ukrainian leader. 

Each day remains uncertain for Ukrainians, with Russians patiently awaiting an opportunity, hoping that Ukrainian supplies of weapons and ammunition will be depleted. Zelenskyy stresses that a solution could be easily found if there is openness from leaders around the world. Many were shocked after the Ukrainian president revealed that 14 brigades are lacking the necessary weapons and equipment.

"The problem can be solved if there is willingness and the tools. We have the willingness, but the tools have not arrived. This means we have brigades without weaponry. We have 14 brigades that are not equipped and lack necessary weapons," said Zelenskyy.

The deliveries awaited by Ukrainians are slow, starting a crisis among the Ukrainians who fear what may happen. Zelenskyy hopes for changes in the near future. While grateful to Americans for their assistance since the beginning of the war and for deciding to approve aid to Ukrainians, Zelenskyy is not happy with the speed of response and reaction. Although Ukrainians plan a counteroffensive, they are far from it at this moment. Their primary focus now is to defend themselves and only then consider the next steps.

"We can't just talk about counteroffensive actions. Today, we need to defend what we have. We want counteroffensive actions when we are ready. We will be ready when the weapons arrive, and today we don't have them," explained Zelenskyy.

From the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian president thanked the Americans and other countries for their never-ending support. Analysts around the world, both military and political, believe that without the help of major powers, the Ukrainians would not be able to endure such a long period. Russia is a military power, with a huge number of soldiers. Only equally large countries can oppose them. Ukraine is not, but thanks to the allies they manage to show their teeth and defend the country.

Although many did not give the Ukrainians a chance to endure, the soldiers of this eastern country showed courage when it was most needed. Defending the country is a great honor, and it seems that every Ukrainian soldier knows that.

Donald Trump and his moves

Joe Biden, the US president, pointed out that he will never give up his support for Ukraine, believing that this eastern country must defend itself from the Russian army. On the other hand, the opponent in the new presidential election, Donald Trump, is a person with somewhat different views and understanding. His statements are often controversial and take the side of the Russians. 

Donald Trump receives immunity for actions as president
Donald Trump receives immunity for actions as president© Getty Images/Anna Moneymaker

The former US president, now a candidate, has spoken many times about the fact that he would react differently when it comes to this conflict than Joe Biden did. His statement that he would stop the war in 24 hours if he was re-elected caused a great shock. Judging by the headlines of Politico, Trump plans to make a deal with Putin, to stop NATO expansion and allow Russia to keep some of the occupied territories of Ukraine. Of course, all these are his intentions to win the presidential elections.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: If Trump knows how to end this war, he should tell us today

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has pointed out several times so far that he is not happy with Trump's statements, but he is also aware of the danger that could come if Donald becomes the new US president. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the Ukrainian leader pointed out that he is open to ending the war, but does not want Ukraine's independence to be threatened. Despite everything, Zelenskyy is open to negotiations with Trump, hoping for the best outcome.

"If Trump knows how to end this war, he should tell us today. If there are risks for Ukraine’s independence, if there are risks that we will lose the statehood, we want to be prepared for this. I'm potentially ready to meet Trump to discuss proposals."-he told Bloomberg Television in Kyiv, as quoted by euromaidanpress.

It's difficult to predict who will win the presidential elections in the US and become the next president of this country. Predictions vary, but each candidate has different perspectives and views on global politics, including the war in Ukraine and possibly the Middle East. The US is a key player in major world events, and its voice will be crucial for the future of many.

Zelenskyy hopes that Biden could remain president, given that they have had great relations so far.

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