Ukraine Destroys Explosives Warehouse inside Russia: 180+ Russians Killed in Pokrovsk

In a drone attack, Ukraine managed to cause a fire in an ammunition warehouse in Krasnodar on the territory of Russia. In one battle near Pokrovsk, Ukraine reports that over 180 Russian soldiers were killed

by Sededin Dedovic
Ukraine Destroys Explosives Warehouse inside Russia: 180+ Russians Killed in Pokrovsk
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A fire broke out last night in an explosives warehouse in the Russian region of Voronezh, which borders Ukraine, following an attack by Ukrainian drones, local authorities reported. "Anti-aircraft defense systems detected and destroyed several drones over the Voronezh region," wrote regional governor Alexander Gusev on Telegram, according to AFP.

He said that debris from the drones that fell to the ground caused a fire in an explosives warehouse in the Podgorensky district. According to initial information, there were no injuries, Gusev said. Rescuers arrived at the site and evacuation of residents from settlements near the warehouse is underway, he added.

Russia and Ukraine have extensively used drones, including large ones with explosive devices capable of reaching hundreds of kilometers, since the beginning of the Russian offensive in February 2022. Ukraine has increased attacks on Russian territory since 2014, targeting both energy facilities that, according to them, supply the Russian military, as well as towns and villages across the border.

The Ukrainian military reported that over 180 Russian soldiers were killed in the Pokrovsk area and several military vehicles were destroyed. Heavy fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military leadership said on Saturday evening in Kyiv, with battles taking place at 12 locations.

A member of Ukraines 72nd Brigade Anti-air unit fires at a Russian Zala reconnaissance drone© Chris McGrath / getty Images

"The situation was the worst in the Pokrovsk area, but the enemy was also active in the direction of Liman and Kurakhove," the Ukrainian General Staff said in the evening report.

All three cities are located in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. During the day, 123 battles were fought, the report said. Of these, 41 battles took place in the Pokrovsk region alone, with 19 attacks near Liman and 17 near Kurakhove, according to the report, which was conveyed dpa.

According to the General Staff, 29 attacks were repelled near Pokrovsk, but 12 battles are still ongoing, while defenders are doing everything they can to stabilize the situation and prevent the enemy from penetrating Ukrainian territory.

Earlier that day, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the village of Sokil was captured in this area. Sokil no longer appears in the General Staff report, but the village of Prohres, west of it, does.

Disrupted electricity and water supply

The Ukrainian military reported that over 180 Russian soldiers were killed in the Pokrovsk area.

Additionally, several Russian military vehicles were destroyed. The information cannot be verified. The Russian military has been making slow progress for months after capturing the fortress of Avdiivka earlier this year. Ukraine has yet to stop the advance and stabilize its defensive lines.

Earlier, Russian forces captured another village in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced. In nighttime drone attacks, Russia disrupted the electricity and water supply in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Sumy.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced that Russia attacked 12 Ukrainian regions, and 24 out of 32 drones were shot down. Ukrainian forces used drones to attack the southern Russian region of Krasnodar, which has become a frequent target of Ukraine.

The drones were shot down, but their debris ignited fuel warehouses in the settlements of Pavlovskaya and Leningradskaya and damaged a radio tower in the city of Yeysk, the regional headquarters stated.

Employees with an electric company work in an industrial area in Kyiv to restore electricity following a morning missile strike© Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Terrifying Russian tactics claim up to 1,200 soldiers daily

Russia uses a gruesome strategy called "human wave attacks" to discover the locations of Ukrainian military positions.

This tactic involves sending waves of soldiers in attacks on the front lines, causing many casualties. Reportedly, around 1,000 Russian soldiers are killed or wounded daily. "The Russians use these units mainly to see where our military positions are and to constantly exhaust our units," said Colonel Anton Bayev of the Harktia Brigade in the National Guard of Ukraine to the BBC.

"Our guys stand their ground and fight, and when four or five waves of the enemy come at you in one day, which you have to destroy nonstop, it's very difficult—not just physically but also mentally." Russia has suffered enormous losses in its invasion of Ukraine and has reportedly started using the "human wave attacks" tactic in the battles for Bakhmut last year.

As a significantly larger country, Russia has an advantage in the number of soldiers compared to Ukraine, and analysts say it uses the attacks in an attempt to overwhelm Ukrainian positions. In recent months, Ukraine has significantly changed the situation on the battlefield in its favor.

But after the victories of right-wing parties in Europe, the question arises whether the West will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons capable of striking deep within Russian territory.

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