Russia hits children's hospital in Kyiv: Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacts

Zelenskyy calls for increased support from allies in the coming period.

by Sead Dedovic
Russia hits children's hospital in Kyiv: Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacts
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The situation in the Ukrainian capital is chaotic. Russians have launched an attack on the Okhmatdyt National Children's Specialized Hospital in Kyiv, resulting in multiple injuries. Emergency vehicles and firefighters are at the scene, aiming to rescue as many people inside the hospital as possible. This news was confirmed by Kyiv's mayor, Vitali Klitschko. 

Volodymyr Zhovnir, the hospital's CEO, also confirmed that another building has been hit and they are currently evacuating those inside. The world is shocked and dismayed by the actions of the Russian forces, considering this to be the last thing they should have done. However, the war in Ukraine has shown that morality and ethics are not part of warfare. 

Russian forces have frequently made controversial moves, creating chaos in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has sent a clear message, shocked by the actions of the Russian forces. Zelenskyy confirmed that there are a huge number of people under the rubble, with the exact number still unknown. He also confirmed that even civilians are involved in the rescue efforts.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: We will retaliate against these people

The Russians did not only attack the children's hospital but also tried to target some other areas in Kyiv. According to the latest headlines, Ukrainians are preparing to retaliate after Russian strikes have killed at least 29 people. The President of Ukraine has sent a message to allies, emphasizing that such incidents reveal the intentions and immorality of Russian forces. Zelenskyy calls for increased support from allies in the coming period to prevent further attacks like these from occurring.

"I would also like to hear from our partners (about) a greater resilience and a strong response to the blow that Russia has once again dealt to our people, to our land, to our children," he said,as quoted by The Straits Times.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy
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The Ukrainian leader has no intention of sitting idly by, and emphasizes that he will have a powerful response to this.

"We will retaliate against these people, we will deliver a powerful response from our side to Russia, for sure. The question to our partners is: can they respond?"-Zelenskyy continued.

Zelenskyy is seeking approval from allies to target positions from which the attack on the hospital originated. If allies do not approve, Zelenskyy believes they intend to witness the same scenario repeat in Ukraine. The Ukrainian President's words reflect massive anger and frustration. Attacks on a children's hospital are the last thing a military force should do, but from the beginning of the war, we have become accustomed to seeing catastrophic scenes in this conflict.

"I think, we would really like to receive such decision from our partners. Or they would like to see the strikes again."-he said.

Since the beginning of the war, and especially in recent months, Zelenskyy has been calling on allies for assistance, emphasizing that crucial air defense aid is needed, as Russians pose the most important threat in that aspect of the war. The President of this Eastern country has acknowledged that Ukraine initiated an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council following the Russian attack.

Zelenskyy believes that cooperation with NATO is important to them at this moment, believing that the moves of the Russian forces demand NATO's responsibility. He said that the Ukrainians are open to it, considering that it is logical for NATO to take certain steps since Russia's steps are unacceptable.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is getting worse 

Although some expected that the conflict in Ukraine could become more peaceful over time, with the hope that tensions would subside and a common language would be found, things are getting worse by the day. The Ukrainian president is getting angrier and angrier, not understanding why the Russian government is not giving up its intentions, going so far as to target children's hospitals.

There is still no reaction or response from the Russian side to the latest events, but it is certain that the Russians will distance themselves from this incident and point the finger at someone else. The policy currently pursued by the Russian government is far from what Europe and the world want.

Their intentions are clear: to destroy objects, target civilian areas, and cause fear among the population of Ukraine. With such moves, the Russian forces want to deepen the crisis in Ukraine and force them to surrender. The Ukrainian forces, on the other hand, do not think about it, they do not want to give up even a single moment.

Many expect that the Ukrainians will send an answer in the next few days, and reciprocate in kind. Zelenskyy was clear in his speech.

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