Dutch crime reporter De Vries expires nine days after being shot in broad daylight

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Dutch crime reporter De Vries expires nine days after being shot in broad daylight

Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, 64, who had been contemplated as a legend in finding loose strings for crimes committed by mobsters and drug traffickers, had passed away on Thursday morning, nine days after having been shot at a busy Amsterdam street, prompting widespread grief at home and abroad.

Peter R. de Vries’ family and his employer, RTL Netherlands, had confirmed the death of the celebrity crime reporter adding that the unyielding Dutch, long-hailed for pursuing unresolved cases, had bravely fought till the very end before surrendering to eternal rest.

De Vries had been a well-known figure for his television programs where he frequently used to work with the victims’ families, while he had received several threats from criminal networks related to the cases he had been working on.

As of Thursday, the Dutch Police had managed to arrest two men on a highway shortly after the shooting as both of them, a Polish and a Dutch, remain in custody awaiting murder trial.

Celeb journalist De Vries died nine days after being shot

Meanwhile, Dutch PM Mark Rutte had promised to take down whoever had been behind the shooting of a man who he had branded as a fearless reporter shortly after the reveal of the news, and the EU Chair Ursula Von der Leyen was quoted saying more must be done to shield investigative journalists.

Besides, De Vries’ family said in a statement published in RTL Netherlands, “Peter fought till the end but wasn't able to win this battle. He died surrounded by the people who loved him. He lived true to his motto: On bended knee is no way to be free.