Alec Baldwin: "Only lies about me not cooperating in the investigation"

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Alec Baldwin: "Only lies about me not cooperating in the investigation"

Alec Baldwin attacked many magazines, including New York: according to the actor, these magazines accused him of not collaborating in the investigation of the death of the director of photography of the movie Rust, Halyna Hutchins, killed in the accidental shooting.

Through a video posted on his Instagra profile, Baldwin said: "Any hint that I do not answer questions or fulfill orders regarding my phone is a lie. I abide 1000% to all inquiries, with investigators. We absolutely agree. The authorities in New Mexico have to go through those in New York.

It is a process between states. The procedure works like this and takes time. They can't come to you, from another state, and ask for your cell phone. They have to specify what they are looking for, they cannot simply browse the folders passing through your photos and love letters sent to their wife.

In any case, I repeat that I will cooperate as much as possible and I will do everything possible to make the truth about the case come out: I think it is the best way to honor Halyna Hutchins. Sidney Poitier is dead, an icon of cinema, yet on the cover of some newspapers I see that they prefer to put lies and nonsense.

Unfortunately, there are people who are focused on hate. But I don't worry: everything will be fine, regardless of what some newspapers say. What matters is to find out how things really went."

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There is no peace for Alec Baldwin.

The American actor had already entered a maelstrom of investigation and controversy over the death of the director of photography of his film Rust, killed by a bullet from a gun in Baldwin's hand. Now it adds a new piece in the actor's troubled last year.

In fact, Baldwin was sued for defamation by the family of Rylee McCollum, an American Marine killed last year in Kabul, Afghanistan. According to People Magazine, the soldier's sisters and widow sued Baldwin asking for $ 25 million in damages.

The actor, through postings on Instagram subsequently deleted, allegedly accused them of taking part in the assault of January 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill, when a group of Trump supporters forcibly entered the headquarters of the US Congress.

Baldwin, after the soldier's death, had searched Instagram for his family members, to whom he had sent 5 thousand dollars to be delivered to the marine's widow, Jiennah Crayton. At the beginning of 2022, after finding some photos taken by herself during the demonstrations on January 6, 2021 on Roice's social profile, Baldwin would have written to her privately to find out if she was the woman he had sent money to.

She would have told him that protesting is perfectly legal. However, the actor would not have liked the answer, who would later share the image on his Instagram profile. From there, the hatred of the actor's fans would be unleashed against the girl and the widow of the marine.

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