Greenwood after domestic violence: what will happen now?

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Greenwood after domestic violence: what will happen now?

The news with lots of photos and videos shocked England and the world of sport: the domestic violence that allegedly perpetuated Mason Greenwood, Manchester United striker to his girlfriend, Harriet Robson, once again shows the dark side of sport, and of life in general.

Whatever the disagreements of the couple, it is unacceptable that violence is done, a severe blow to the not always clean and sober image of soccer, the most followed sport in the world.

The facts

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood was arrested by English police on charges of rape and assault after the footballer's girlfriend Harriet Robson posted photos and videos on social media.

The girl denounced everything publicly, saying, "To anyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me." Manchester United added: "Mason Greenwood will not return to training or playing matches until further notice." Police, after the player's arrest, said: "Greater Manchester police have been notified of images and videos on online social media posted by a woman reporting incidents of physical violence.

An investigation has been launched and we can confirm that a man in his 20s was arrested on charges of rape and assault. He remains in custody for questioning. Investigations are ongoing." The girl had also reported the events with an audio recording of an alleged quarrel between the two, in addition to photos circulated on the web.

Police also made the arrest official, although they did not directly reveal the name of the soccer player.

What could happen now

The career of the young English striker seems to have come to an end: an episode like this forever stains a curriculum.

Such episodes are unacceptable, especially for those who should be a model and an example for young people who approach sports and who, in general, approach adult life. If everything is confirmed, also given the harsh British laws regarding violence against women, the player will serve years in prison, with all due respect to his sporting career.