Hacker Tricked: World of Solana Community Reclaims Stolen NFTs

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Hacker Tricked: World of Solana Community Reclaims Stolen NFTs
Hacker Tricked: World of Solana Community Reclaims Stolen NFTs (Provided by Financial World)

Only recently, however, did the World of Solana community lure a hacker into a trap. - Hacker steals 25 World of Solana NFTs
- Community plans to set a trap for the hacker
- All stolen NFTs can be returned to their rightful owner

Hacker gains access to 109 wallets

The fact that hackers use phishing fraud to gain access to other wallets in order to empty them is no longer an isolated case.

In most cases, those affected then have little chance of getting their lost NFTs or cryptos back. As reported by World of Solana on Twitter, the Discord channel of the cross-chain game development studio Unchained NFT was recently hacked.

In doing so, the hacker managed to access and empty 109 community members' wallets, resulting in a total loss of $6,700 (150 SOL) and the theft of 25 World of Solana NFTs. Three of the stolen NFTs are also said to have been top 100 NFTs.

The community sets a trap for the hacker

However, the community did not want to let it on its own. So, members @QuantMaven, @AngelaTNFT, and @cryptosile, along with World of Solana's development partner CyberFrogsNFT, hatched a plan to bring back the NFTs.

To trap the hacker, the team set royalty rates at 98 percent -- royalties are typically around 5 percent -- and asked the community to keep an eye on Solana's main NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

Recovered 25 NFTs

Just two days later, the hacker put the 25 stolen NFTs up for auction on the Magic Eden marketplace.

The community managed to bid on 15 of the listed NFTs, the remaining 10 were sniped. However, after the sniper was made aware that the 10 NFTs were stolen property, he agreed to cooperate and the 25 NFTs were returned to their rightful owner.
"The moral of the story is to always use a burner wallet and be careful with coin minting.

This is the second time our community has recovered scammed NFTs. Our community is small, but together we are very strong!" , World of Solana ends the Twitter thread.