Move-to-earn: One step closer to crypto earnings with Sweatcoin


Move-to-earn: One step closer to crypto earnings with Sweatcoin
Move-to-earn: One step closer to crypto earnings with Sweatcoin

Whether you're new to the cryptocurrency world or an experienced crypto investor, it's important to keep up with the trends. One of the most exciting new crypto projects is definitely Sweatcoin, an app that has the potential to change your health for the better, while helping you earn some cryptocurrency along the way.

Move-to-Earn is currently the new trend in the crypto world. Sweatcoin not only counts your steps, but also allows you to exchange the cryptocurrencies earned by walking for various items from the Sweatcoin shop. The idea behind the Move-to-Earn concept is that people earn passive income by performing daily physical activities.

What is the Sweat Economy and how does it work?

Sweatcoin is a fitness movement that continues the Move-to-Earn trend and allows users to convert their steps into cryptocurrency. Sweatcoin was founded in 2016 by Oleg Fomenko and Anton Derlyatka, who have always been interested in the ways in which cryptocurrencies and physical health can be combined.

It initially started as an app that rewarded people for movement and physical activity. The creators wanted to promote health, so they designed a system that encourages users to exercise. Users who complete a certain number of steps receive tokens that they can use to purchase various rewards.

M2E is part of a process called gamification. Research has shown that people are much more likely to engage in an activity when we turn it into a game. Just clicking a button 100 times is a very boring action for most people.

However, when you add a fun little graphic that gives a fictional prize, people are happy to click again and again. Sweatcoin and other similar M2E programs use gamification to help people become healthier. As you practice, you can track your progress and see what you've won.

This gives the brain an extra little boost of motivation, making it easier to exercise.

How to earn Sweatcoins?

In order to take full advantage of Sweatcoin, you first need a Sweatcoin account, which you can create through the Sweatcoin app or website.

All you need from the information is your email address, phone number and name. After you create your account, you must connect it to a device that tracks your fitness. Sweatcoin currently works on Android and iPhone phones and Apple Watch 2 and 3.

In order for the app to work, you need to have GPS turned on. Although the app takes your device's motion sensors into account when it detects steps, it needs GPS to confirm your steps. Whether you go for a run or just walk around the house or apartment, the Sweatcoin app will be able to count your every step.

The app has very strong anti-cheat measures, so you can't use the usual "hacks", like moving your phone back and forth to take more steps.

How to get prize Sweatcoins?

Add almost exactly 0.95 Sweatcoins to your Sweat Wallet every 1000 steps.

Although these Sweatcoins are not actually cryptocurrencies in the app, they can still be used to redeem rewards. As such, you can't cash them in yet, but you can exchange them for items on the Sweatcoin market. The company partners with more than 160 brands, and you can get products or subscriptions for a certain price of Sweatcoin.

Prizes range from new iPhones to discounted travel fares. If the whole family uses the app, they can pool their Sweatcoins and use them in combination for one bigger reward. In just a few months, the Sweatcoin app is adding a brand new reward to its system.

Users will be able to convert their Sweatcoins into SWEAT, an official cryptocurrency that has real value. SWEAT can also be used to pay Sweatcoin rewards or you can exchange it for another cryptocurrency, sell it for traditional currency or buy NFT with it.

Sweatcoin uses Ethereum to generate its cryptocurrency and uses the NEAR protocol as its blockchain provider. NEAR uses a sharding strategy that breaks the blockchain into smaller segments. Since this puts less strain on the network, there is less computational load.

This means that the Sweatcoin cryptocurrency is more scalable and environmentally friendly than cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. If you want a boost and extra motivation to move more, maybe it's time to try the free Sweatcoin or some other move-to-earn app and maybe even earn something.