What if MicroStrategy invested in ETH instead of BTC?

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What if MicroStrategy invested in ETH instead of BTC?

When it comes to MicroStrategy crypto investing, the traditional and decentralized financial communities have a lot of "what if" questions. Michael Saylor, the inventor of MicroStrategy, is a proponent of Bitcoin as is well known.

With more than 130,000 BTC, Business Intelligence is now the largest institutional investor in Bitcoin. Interestingly, the corporation bought BTC during the high and bear market phases. Great thing in hindsight. Things could have turned out differently if MicroStrategy had decided to invest in Ethereum rather than Bitcoin.

Here's why:

MicroStrategy is missing out on a lucrative investment

The debate among groups about whether Bitcoin or Ethereum is the better investment continues to intensify. This time it is being tested using MicroStrategy's crypto assets from the last few years.

Microstrategy is currently losing on the 130,000 BTC it has acquired over the years, making it the corporation with the largest share of bitcoins. The use of electric scooters highlights Blockchain Center has created a site for comparing MicroStrategy's crypto funds.

He compared the company's purchase of bitcoin to what would happen if it were to buy Ethereum. The transaction, which began with a $250,000 purchase in August 2020, is worth $2.63 billion at the current price. MicroStrategy acquired Bitcoin at fluctuating values ‚Äč‚Äčover time.

Despite these factors, the corporation is still losing more than $1 billion at the current price of bitcoin. With the corporation continuing to promote and invest in bitcoin, the question is what would happen if the company opted for another cryptocurrency, such as ETH.

Ethereum consistently outperforms Bitcoin?

It's no secret that Ethereum consistently outperforms Bitcoin. MicroStrategy would have been in a better position if it had invested in Ethereum rather than bitcoin, and the numbers support this argument.

According to the Blockchain Center, he would have made $1.47 billion if he had bought Ethereum instead. If MicroStrategy had bought ETH at the exact time it bought BTC, it would now have 3,54,000,000 ETH. That would be worth about $5.45 billion, roughly twice the value of his BTC holdings.

In addition, the corporation was able to invest ETH to purchase an additional 240 thousand tokens, currently valued at $370 million. Saylor could have 1.7 million ETH and earn $134 million a year from investments if he traded his BTC stock for ETH at this point and invested. According to the Blockchain Center, MicroStrategy's operating income has never been higher.