FTX gets in trouble: Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka lost their investments


FTX gets in trouble: Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka lost their investments
FTX gets in trouble: Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka lost their investments

Great troubles for FTX investors, among which Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka and F1 British driver Lewis Hamilton. Platform attorney James Bromley, of the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm, pointing out that the bankruptcy process will allow you to see what's really in the company and acknowledge that the emperor has no clothes: "FTX was controlled by inexperienced individuals.

and unsophisticated, What we have here is an international organization led by Sam Bankman-Fried as a personal fiefdom." An initial review of Ftx's accounts revealed that significant funds have been transferred to Alameda Research, another Bankman-Fried firm.

Among these millions of dollars went, according to rumors, to the purchase of sumptuous properties in the Bahamas. In one of these, the former CEO lived with 10 other people between long nights, pills and cross romantic relationships.

Additionally, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has, along with his parents and other managers of the cryptocurrency trading platform, bought real estate in the Bahamas for $ 121 million over the past two years, as reported by the New York Post, noting how the indiscretion feeds doubts about the disappeared funds.

Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka lost their investments!

Naomi Osaka is a shareholder of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange company that filed for bankruptcy on 11 November. FTX has taken a severe slump over the past seven days, going from $ 22 to $ 1.40.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who is now under investigation for how he managed the company he founded in 2019, has already filed for bankruptcy following the massive devaluation of the cryptocurrency. Naomi had signed the agreement with FTX in March 2022.

She bought some shares of FTX and in the agreement it was foreseen that the Japanese tennis player would be the company's ambassador to the world. Naomi Osaka's deal also included her participation in creating multimedia content to promote cryptocurrency.

Osaka has lost all of its proceeds from the FTX bankruptcy, along with many other sportsmen such as Lewis Hamilton and George Russel. The Japanese star, is not going through an easy period of her career, which extends from the famous the Roland Garros 2021 issue, when she revealed to the world that she suffers from mental health problems.

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