Toronto Bitcoin Expo Hackathon summit and crypto


Toronto Bitcoin Expo Hackathon summit and crypto

Hackathon is an event in which experts from various fields of information technology participate in various capacities, such as software developers, programmers and graphic designers. Generally it has a variable duration between one day and one week.

On June 4, 1999, in Calgary, ten OpenBSD developers came together to find new solutions that would allow the operating system to become more secure and could integrate with cryptographic systems. Since the 2000s, hackathons have broadened their horizons, becoming opportunities promoted by companies in the IT sector for the rapid development of new software and, thanks to their typical problem-solving approach, a field of research by venture capitalists from new groups.

of work, startups or geographical areas in which to invest or innovative ideas to finance. For the organizers it is a way to improve or create new software, to implement new features, find advanced solutions, test services and products.

For citizens and local administrations it means the creation of innovative ecosystems, new manufacturing and revitalization of cities. For sponsors, they are a way to make the company brand known, advertise their products or services through the distribution of gadgets, have visibility as an entity that encourages innovation.

Over time, the themes of the hackathons have expanded beyond the purely technological sphere: to culture, food, earth sciences, smart cities, sports, medicine, disabilities, asteroids or weather.

ETHToronto Hackathon

Untraceable Events has meanwhile announced ETHToronto Hackathon on August 8-10, 2022.

New to this year's conference, ETHToronto Hackathon, will be a three-day hackathon that will pit developers competing for cryptocurrency bounties. The hackathon will take place at the immersive Rebel Entertainment Complex and Cabana in Toronto.

Competitors can meet other developers, connect with hiring companies, attend speaker sessions. Untraceable Events gave away up to 35 Bitcoins to one of the winners of the 2014 hackathon. Elena Sinelnikova, CEO MetisDAO and co-founder of CryptoChicks explained: "I am excited to be part of ETHToronto in the city where Ethereum was born.

MetisDAO and CryptoChicks are proud to support this incredible hackathon and conference, as these events are helping to bring thousands of people together to celebrate decentralization and the freedoms it enables." Hackathon organizer Tracy Leparulo, the founder of Untraceable Events, organized the original Ethereum hackathon in 2014.

Other past events include Bitcoin Expo 2014, BlockGeeks Hackathon in 2016, and the original ETHWaterloo in 2017. Tracy Leparulo, founder and CEO of Untraceable: "Toronto is the birthplace of Ethereum and, since those early days, we have seen this city grow into a vibrant hub for blockchain innovation. We are excited to see the ideas and projects that come from this year's event and the impact they have on the future. "

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