Fraudsters lure FTX clients, promising the return of assets

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Fraudsters lure FTX clients, promising the return of assets

Ftx issued a warning regarding recent scam attempts, including asking for money, commissions, payouts or account passwords. "We are aware of scams and frauds perpetrated by third parties attempting to take advantage of FTX's customers," the company warns. Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX has reported a recent spate of scams and fraud by third parties aimed at scamming their customers.

In late December, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation warned that fraudsters were looking for opportunities to re-victimize those who have already been harmed and are attempting to find ways to recoup their losses.

In November, a deep fake video surfaced online with FTX founder Sam Bankman-fried claiming he plans to double customer compensation. The video tricked victims into visiting a fraudulent website that offered cashback in cryptocurrencies in exchange for tokens sent to the scammers.

Another Bankman-Fried story, published by Reuters on February 2, reveals that the entrepreneur is in talks with federal prosecutors to resolve a dispute over his bail terms.

Fraudsters lure FTX clients, promising the return of assets

Meanwhile, in a recent development of FTX's bankruptcy proceedings, the states of California, Texas and New Jersey have joined the call for an independent review of the company's financial statements.

FTX added that its debtors and agents will never ask clients to pay fees or provide account passwords in connection with the return or potential return of client assets, encouraging potential victims to contact the debtors official email address FTX to confirm the legitimacy of messages.

FTX Debtors today shared the following notice to clients. Please note that customers wishing to contact FTX debtors directly should do so at [email protected] Below you can read the whole tweet: "The FTX Debtors shared the following customer alert today.

Please note that customers needing to contact the FTX debtors directly should so at [email protected]"