Bitcoin prices collapsing further in to 13 months-low, a Nile of red

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Bitcoin prices collapsing further in to 13 months-low, a Nile of red

Dwindled Bitcoin has been stabbed hard, as it sinks to a new 13 months low and technical support levels are broken. So far, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization had been dragged under $200 billion, the lowest glide in 13 months.

Over the weekend, a second selling wave had tottered Bitcoin harder, as it has been wobbled below $5,100. Critical technical support levels are broken and the whole Bitcoin capital are trapped under $100 billion, at its lowest slip since October, 2017, while Bitcoin cash has been pushing the prices lower, toppling various important support levels over the horizon.

Crypto currency markets are slumped downward to multi-month lows, as a report was released on Friday by SEC, fueling further selling. The two ICO (Initial Coin Offering) issuer, Paragon Coin and CarreierEQ.Inc have agreed to return funds of harmed investors, filing periodic reports and paying penalties.

As an aftermath, Ethereum had been hit hard, as most of the ICOs issued in 2017, were raised through Ethereum and a continued sell-off of the ICOs would hurt Ethereum execrably. The Ethereum appears to perceive through a deadly wound, as the latest sell-off is targeting the May 2017, spiking low at $114 and the latest whacking of Bitcoin seems to be extending its recent legs of losses, as market is whispering about at upcoming “ripple” ramming.