Cryptocurrency Issuers buying positive reviews

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Cryptocurrency Issuers buying positive reviews

When Crypto issuers want positive coverage for their virtual money, they just buy it. As it is not unknown, self-proclaimed social media personalities charge thousands for positive reviews, yet the most dramatic U-turn is their use of the Crypto industry promo.

As renowned social media personalities are grading literally anything “positive” for money, cryptocurrency issuers got the better use of it and dozens of documents revealed the fact. Earlier in the year, the Ukrainian Hacken had been trying to promote their new coin, after raising $3 million online in late 2017.

As Hacken chief executive Dmytro Budorian mentioned, around 200 social media personalities took part in the promo venture. Among the renowned personalities, Christopher Greene, a host of American Media Television with a YouTube channel, had been paid $7,500 for promoting cryptos.

As the Hacken chief executive mentioned, Christopher Greene took $7,500 for reviewing their coin in a YouTube video, subscribed by over 5,00,000 people. That 25-minute video released in June 22, Greene had raved about the Hacken’s coin and business potentiality, describing that it is a “huge market opportunity” with “potential 1,000x return”.

Nowhere in the video, there had not been any mention about receiving compensation for products and services. While being asked, Greene did neither respond to the emails, nor phone messages. As, Bitcoin has been receiving heavy slashing in the past couple of weeks, negative news has started to break out and more news would be upcoming, as the source mentioned, which could put the entire crypto business in jeopardy.