Fidelity Investments’ cryptocurrency wing makes headway into Europe

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Fidelity Investments’ cryptocurrency wing makes headway into Europe

On Tuesday, the 14th of January 2020, Crypto wing of American multinational financial services company, Fidelity Investments marked its first thrust into Europe, as the Boston-based one of the largest investment managers across the globe had opened up a new front to go on a foray to pull up the digital currencies in to mainstream investment.

Aside from that, according to Fidelity Investments’ Tuesday’s (January 14th) announcement, the Boston-based multinational financial services provider with more than 50,000 employees across the globe, would act as a guardian for the bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, held by the London-based crypto investing firm Nickel Digital Asset Management.

If truth is to be told, despite a slew of setbacks and crackdowns on crypto investments and mining, investors’ optimism over crypto investments usually rises during the times of geopolitical hobbles as a number of investors were still contemplating cryptos as a safe-haven asset, however, despite robust investor optimisms alongside a number of torrential high-tide of cryptocurrencies, many large investor were held back from investing in the cryptos due to lack of governance or guardianship offered by any major financial firms.

Meanwhile, adding that the Fidelity Investments had long been working on ways to remove core obstacles that barred institutional investors from investing in the lucrative and highly volatile crypto market, Europe head of Fidelity Digital Assets, Chris Taylor said on Tuesday (January 14th), “We see those three factors slowly resolving themselves, and as a result we are seeing a pick-up in institutional investor interest. ”