Facebook sues Bangkok-resident Indian for selling fraud ad tools promoting cryptos

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Facebook sues Bangkok-resident Indian for selling fraud ad tools promoting cryptos

Late on Thursday, the 9th of April 2020, Facebook Inc., the Menlo Park, CA-based world’s No. 1 social networking Goliath and the owner of four out of the world’s top six internet services provider such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which lawmakers had long been accusing of swarming a new magnitude in monopolization of internet-based ad services, had filed a lawsuit against a Bangkok-resident Indian, Basant Gajjar, alleging him of developing and marketing a software that could bypass the Facebook Inc.’s advertising review process and deliver potentially malicious ads such as unissued crypto platforms to the users.

According to a Facebook Inc. statement released earlier on Friday (April 10th), the social networking industry megalith had filed the lawsuit against Gajjar in a US District court in the Northern District of California, San Francisco division, while Facebook Inc.

had also added that the Bangkok-based Indian Basant Gajjar was using a method called “Cloaking” in order to bypass the company’s ad review process. In point of fact, cloaking is a technique in which a software could hide the true contents of the ads and might present something different on the display of the users, while the software also prevents Facebook Inc.’s review process to identify improper advertisements.

Besides, a spokesman for Facebook Inc. was quoted saying in the statement later on Friday (April 10th) that the accused, Gajjar, who had been offering “cloaking” services over four years targeting the ad platforms of Google, WordPress, Shopify and Oath, had multiple unregistered businesses in California, nevertheless, Gajjar could not be reached for comments.