Large Bitcoin payment made to far-right Republicans before US capital attack

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Large Bitcoin payment made to far-right Republicans before US capital attack

More than half a million US Dollar worth of payments in bitcoin, the world’s largest digital asset that enables worldwide transactions without being traced, had been made to twenty-two separate digital wallets shortly before a violent attack on US Capitol later last week, a New York-based cryptocurrency compliance start-up Chainalysis said in a statement.

Apart from that, the New York-based blockchain forensic start-up, established back in the 2014s, had also added that the digital wallets which had received more than $500,000 in bitcoins shortly before a pro-Trump protest turned into a riot in the US Capitol last week, belonged to far-right Republican activists alongside known internet personalities.

More importantly, the Chainalysis report was also quoted saying that the payments of around 28.15 bitcoins, were initially made by a French donor on December 8, while the bitcoins, which the NY-based digital asset forensic firm specialized in countering money laundering and fraud claimed to have originated from a digital wallet of a French individual, could be disbursed at a later date, suggested industry analysts.

Many extremist groups received large bitcoin donations before US Congress riot

On top of that, in a blog post, the New York-based blockchain firm had also added that it had evidences of large bitcoin transactions’ trails that could be traced back to a number of extremist groups’ alongside individuals’ digital wallets adding, “We have also gathered evidence that strongly suggests the donor was a now-deceased computer programmer based in France.

In tandem, according to Chainalysis blog post, Nick Fuentes, a US-based extremist online character whose YouTube channel had been permanently suspended last year due to hate speech, had received $250,000 or 13.5 bitcoins before the attack in the US capitol which in effect had made him the biggest beneficiary of the donation.

Later last week, in a bid to overturn the result of a fiercely contested November 3 US presidential election that had ousted Mr. Trump from the Oval Office, a violent pro-Trump protest took on the US Capitol and ransacked US Congress, marking up a dark day for modern-era democracy.