UK Government to slash funding for BBC

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UK Government to slash funding for BBC

The British Government of Tory PM Boris Johnson which has been grappling with a number of contemptible issues including a steep labor shortage, an upsurge in inflation apart from a slowdown in reforms following a much-awaited Brexit, had been brewing off an option to slash BBC’s (British Broadcasting Corp.) funding for two years by decreeing a freeze on fees which people usually pay off to watch the TV network, a Mail on Sunday news report had unveiled on Sunday citing sources familiar with the subject-matter.

If truth is to be told, latest decision from the British Government to shut in the Govt funding of British Broadcasting Corp followed long-running political debates with a Labor Party spokesman branding the move politically motivated.

Besides, latest move from PM Johnson’s Government came against the backdrop of a blistering inflation surge with the country’s core inflation indicator having been set to hit a 30-year peak of 6 per cent as early as by April, 2022, however, a termination of licensing cost to watch the TV network in effect would proffer a little relief on consumers, but British Broadcasting Corp would have to bear the heaviest brunt as it was looking to compete a number of privately funded news outlets and media streaming platforms like of Netflix.

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However, back in November last year, the Government had opened up a negotiation with the Television network on how much a license should cost, however, the discussion seems to have botched to bear fruits.

Nonetheless, while being asked about the Mail on Sunday news report, the British Government’s Digital, Media, Culture and Sport department had declined to comment over the subject matter.