Chris Froome worried about more data in cycling

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Chris Froome worried about more data in cycling

Chris Froome is worried about the excessive influence of technology in today's cycling. Much will be known to new cyclists “Apps like VeloViewer tells them in the car what corners are coming, how wide the road is, they can click on the map and see what the road looks like."

"We’ve got this abundance of data coming through to us about conditions for the road coming up, so everyone knows what to expect so you get a huge fight for position,” Froome said in the video as quoted by velonews “It’s the only sport where someone says to you, ‘right guys, you’re going through this narrow dangerous little village coming up, the road’s really tiny and there’s a small bridge with a corner straight after,’ and we go faster, because you want to be the ones to get there first."

"You know if you’re at the back, you’re going to be stuck in a backlog trying to get through this pinch-point.

Chris Froome on data use

He believes that with the use of more data, racing will be much more dangerous, which can lead to serious problems.

However, we hope that there will be as few such things as possible "It’s probably the only sport where someone tells you there’s danger up ahead and the pace lifts and everyone starts fighting for position to get there first."

"I think racing has, as a result of that, become more dangerous … Through having more data it’s basically made the race more dangerous." Things used to be completely different, and that's what worries Froome.

We'll see if he's right “Previously we wouldn’t have known necessarily that each pinch point was there and there wouldn’t have been this massive scurry for position trying to get to the front first. We’d have just got there and all been more relaxed and got through it with no issues”.